Obama’s ‘playing my way’ address

King Barry had a press conference today explaining some his positions.
I plan on doing an analysis just as soon as my decoder is back in service.

It got overloaded about midway through his presentation…
somewhere between Havana, Ferguson and the black community.

But I can report he did not make a New Years’ resolution.

PS: It will not be before AF-1 wheels touchdown in Hawaii.

RightRing | Bullright

In the meantime: Five Questions for President Obama / Townhall

5 comments on “Obama’s ‘playing my way’ address

  1. Maybe the ghost of Scrooge will visit Obama and Obama will change his ways, lol. On a serious note I doubt Obama will change his ways.


  2. Bullright says:

    Question for Obama:

    Why didn’t you guys just go lock up Sony execs that made the movie about the N Korean dictator, like you did that filmmaker after Benghazi? — Problem solved.
    See article legal insurrection


  3. […] Obama’s ‘playing my way’ address […]



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