Unibama strikes again

To rewrite his legacy and the election results. The year-end finale.

There’s a saying: “If it happens in politics, you can bet it was planned that way.”*

That’s the scenario in Obama’s end of year presser before dashing off on his coveted vacation in Havana er Hawaii.

People can say it was for various reasons: his disintegrating popularity and credibility, his divisive policies, or his explanations for his Havana policy. No, he has political reasons. He stirred the pot by normalizing Cuba relations to inflame. Now he does a presser to take questions, as if those influence any dictator, and supplies contentious answers.

He intentionally stirred up a hornets nest with yet another Executive – whatever he is calling them these days – action. Then he goes off on vacation while everyone discusses his latest unilateral controversy. Since people are outraged by his arrogance abuses of power, it ensures they’ll be talking about him and what he did. So they’ll be talking about his agenda and he then controls the agenda.

So even after finishing the year with Democrats’ landslide loss, everyone has been talking about is his agenda, backed by his pen. Why only baffles some people — more outrage. But our outrage is only a reaction not a defense against it. (Much like the election)

Even in taking questions, he selected certain press to control some of the questions. Thus, even the appearance of having an open presser was a fraud. It is about control, controlling national dialogue into the new year. His way of saying bah-humbug to Republicans.

It’s a clever way of denying that voters declared him all but irrelevant weeks before. Yet he manages to be as relevant as ever by controlling the discussion, despite losses. Republicans go into a new year with more power than they have had in years, thanks largely to Obama’s unpopularity. He couldn’t even campaign for the Dems that lost, who disassociated with him. But can he continue to do it into the new year?

Now he is standing there saying you cannot ignore me. Not only can’t we, but everyone is left talking about his disgusting Executive abuses. He seems to argue “at least they’re talking about me”. Even that is deceiving, narcissist that he is. What he really cares about is forcing his crappy agenda — stinking up the room — back to the center of the table.

He completely dismisses and ignores Congress, yet no one can ignore him and his plans. He demands a response to his failed policies and agenda even after the people rejected them. Dems could not run on anything Obama was doing. In fact, in many places, like Louisiana, they spoke out against him to win votes.
That is just the backdrop and purpose to his presser. Mission: deny and defy reality.

[*sometimes attributed as a quote, I use it as a popular saying that it is]

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5 comments on “Unibama strikes again

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Obama wants to stay relevant and the poll numbers have him up to over 50% approval. I have to wonder about such a poll as his agenda is the same as always.

    He thinks of his legacy only now. The all important one that hopefully in history will go down showing him to be one of the worst presidents ever.

    The constant flailing against the Republican candidates for president shows him to be nothing more than his usual presidential self. This is his only way to campaign against them right now. So it’s his usual self and I imagine he thinks that will control who becomes the next president. No one could be as good as he believes he’s been which is Yuge laugh in itself. He’s still delusional as hell.

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    • Bullright says:

      Ha ha, he’s delusional as hell all right! We’re just participants in his delusions. He might as well be running as much as he injects himself into it. Repubs should do what he tried to do. Run against Obama in the general, and Hillary which is the same thing, and tear down his legacy of misery for all to see. (since we can’t see his damn records)

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Yeah well I believe he even said that if he ran for a 3rd term he’d be elected.This is how delusional he is. So now he does seemingly run like he’s a candidate. I’m really tired of him injecting himself into almost anything except when it comes to protecting us which is far from his mind. He continues to hate us which is clear.

        I wish the Repubs would tear down his legacy but then again they have to have some guts to do that and so far I’ve not seen it.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    The Repukes would have to admit they were complicit in all he has done.



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