Penny for your thoughts


Muslim Mayor Has a Message for Radical Islamists: ‘F*** Off’ and Move If ‘You Don’t Like Freedom’

By Victoria Taft | IJ Review

This outspoken mayor of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, decided to flat-out say what’s on the minds of hundreds of millions of freedom loving people around the world. What’s more, he said it on live TV following the Paris terrorist attack:

“If you can’t accept humorists who create a newspaper, then I would like to say ‘F*** off!’” […/]


Rick Santelli move over, a new star is born. And he’s not shy about using appropriate language on or off air. What a novel way to put your town on the map.

But it does sound much more palatable than:
‘Peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad…. death to the infidels.’

Don’t ya think?


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