A few words about the SOTU

You may think you know what Obama will say in his SOTU speech, but I know what he will say. (…so says my satirical pen)

  • Valerie Jarrett could not speak tonight, so I will.
  • The only war we will engage in is class warfare. And that war will never end.
  • I’m officially changing the name “Uncle Sam” to Uncle Obama.
  • Peace through appeasement.
  • Now, for my next trick I will pull out my veto pen.
  • Stealing people’s money and spending it is now called investment.
  • Elections have reactions not consequences.
  • You didn’t build that, but I did.
  • If memory serves me,  and it should….

Just a few of the highlights. The WH has been asking its minions to sign up “are you in?” to say they will watch, so expect much more. Word is some straw men will be attending, too.

9 comments on “A few words about the SOTU

  1. Hardnox says:

    I sense a wee bit of sarcasm…. bwahahahahahahaha

    You know in advance his speech has gotta suck if they need to beg people to watch it.


  2. Just Gene says:

    There gotta be an old movie on some channel – PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I won’t be watching SOTU. One, I don’t like getting headaches. Obama gives me one if I listen to him too long. Not to mention I am out of Tylenol. Two, I have come to the conclusion not watching TV period can be blissful. It has nothing to do with my religion but the people doing shows. The type that call people names yet expects you to watch them act so they can earn money. Three Obama basically says the same old dance words. He hasn’t had any new dances words in a long time. He is boring. I know these aren’t good excuses but their mine and I will use them, lol.

    BTW, Four reading it on the internet at blog sites. It won’t sound boring.


    • Bullright says:

      Good ones. Like finger nails on a chalk board. Plus what haven’t we heard already? Even he can’t think up new stuff. But some of those repulsive personalities on TV might be preferable to him. Boring hits it on the head. But then I see his base having SOTU watching parties. Insane, they’ve gone mad. Though I’d give anything to see Repubs stand up and turn their backs to him.

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  4. Bullright says:

    How low can he go?

    WH had this posted:

      “Visit WH.gov/SOTU to sign up for speech reminders, ask a question for post-speech follow-up, and get updates on the issues.”

    Speech reminders??……sounds a little like Government Minders doesn’t it?


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