The price is wrong

I think Obama invented a new game show formula. I’ll call it “the price is wrong”.

Even if Obama got some kind of arrangement with Cuba, at what real cost would it be? We already gave up the store without any significant gain.

His belated action against ISIS, but he can’t even call it Islamic terrorism. The Iran nuke deal. Their climate change deal with China. A Mid East peace deal with Israel. And that is if he actually gets those so-called deals. Iran is getting how much taxpayer money for what? We already made concessions, and enshrined enrichment. So even if he ends up with something he claims is a “deal”, at what enormous price and concessions did it all come? Plus they are generally lousy deals at that.

That leads me to the name of Obama’s new game. Contestants name a price the other guy must pay. There is no loser, except if you consider the price (consequences) of it all.

Obama calls this diplomacy but it’s the same way he does politics by buying votes. He’s trying to do the same with foreign policy, everything is about what he can (we) do for them… “Name your price”. One where they can’t lose, but at what cost? The only reason is to claim success no matter what. Well, he is the President of smoke and mirrors anyway.

But the price was always wrong.

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