NY gets punked

New York, you’ve been punked.

Sponsored by the folks who are going to correct and fix our climate.

Climate of denial. Superstorm of massive disinformation.

News Alert:
Death of the live shot in NY for Tuesday, canceled due to lack of interest.

Not to worry, the science is still “settled”. The debate is still over.

6 comments on “NY gets punked

  1. bydesign001 says:

    Only the useful idiots who believe that government knows best was punked. By Sunday night, people I was talking to here were wondering aloud why de Blasio was pushing so hard.

    By Monday a.m., many were of the mindset that de Blasio and Cuomo were pushing an agenda.
    Disclosure: I’m the only non-Progressive in my family. It’s NYC …what else is new? So at moments like that, I engage people to see if they’re buying it. I’ll even run a psych game on them to see in which direction they head and then I’ll do a post (content is everything).

    Well I began informing most of my family, neighbors as they returned from work Monday that deBlasio was implementing a travel ban, the subways and ordering the food delivery guy off their bikes until further notice.
    The only ones who took it well or bought into it are the idiots who march for de Blasio. My son intentionally waited until 11:01 p.m. to get into his car to drive home last night.

    When I informed them that deBlasio said for drivers not to clean the snow off their cars until he gives the clear sign, I can’t tell you the language and the amount of defiance. My son’s wife parked near home so that she could go out this a.m. to clean the snow off her vehicle because as they said, it is their choice.

    Called my niece in Baldwin and told her about Cuomo banning travel on the highways. Ugh, she’s normally so soft spoken. She stepped into her home at 8:30 last night from work.
    The media tends to put a spin on these things as you know which is what they did here.


  2. Bullright says:

    We’re sorry says a Washington Times article

    [We’ll] “see what we can do better next time.”



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