Obama’s ‘ideology’ bandwagon running wild

Since the closest Obama will come to naming the Islamic terrorists is talking about “whatever ideology”, I’ll try to decipher some of his lofty linguistic perversion.

Allow me to remind him of the ideology that endorses wholesale slaughter, i.e. genocide, as a supreme “right”. His own ideology, which is only about 100 years in the making, but which is responsible for extinguishing over 50 million human lives and counting just in the last 40+ years. It’s now enshrined as a sacred fundamental “right”, and forces all people to swear on its altar of protecting the right to kill the unborn — using buzz words like “safe”.

He doesn’t even want babies to be born and believes in slaughtering and scorching them with saline baths in the womb. The ideology so extreme it doesn’t believe in providing measures in the event of a botched abortion. An ideology that celebrates the anniversary to “preserve” its butchery practice. Brain, meet scissors and vacuum hoses.

An ideology that claims to stand on the side of science, while boldly defying it on abortion. An ideology that believes in an “evolving, living Constitution” while devolving morality.

Or maybe the ideology which targets nuns on a mission to serve poor people. One that proudly lays bare the state’s right to target people for their “deeply held religious views,” persecute them, or lobbies to keep them from government service. One that believes America is lacking moral principles, but which attacks morality and values in every corner it can. One which stands truth on its head, and draws moral equivalences of its political opponents to tyrants, while it makes alliances with brutal regimes and tyrants.

Or we can talk about the ideology which attacks Israel as an occupier, and America as an enabler, while en masse it appeases regimes in their schemes against freedom.

The ideology that hurts and victimizes people, then claims to help them and uses them as political pawns to gain and retain power. Yet now Obama is talking about a “bankrupt” ideology. Really? Get off our “high horse”?

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