Relativism’s poisonous arrows

Relativism is the poisonous mix, especially when you compound it with narcissism, ideology, politics. So Obama goes on his anti-Crusade tirade. Christians take note.

Every crisis, relativists rear their rose-colored faces to tell us not to worry about it.(insert Titanic analogy) It’s only media driving this fear mongering. Your chances of getting attacked by ISIS is nothing compared to traffic accidents, or medical error, etc. Yep, Islamic State terrorism is the non-existent threat. Ignore history.

Yes to worrying about Global Warming, Climate Change, or pipelines and lizards, and evil businesses making money. Even worse, evil Republicans winning elections. Do worry!

Obama takes to the airwaves with a friendly interview from an Internet media site. He wastes no time in aiming at the media for reporting the bad news, for ratings sake. Almost makes me want to put on the “Dirty Laundry” record. Excuse me, but the guy who plays the media frenzy to the max, for his own sake, is Obama himself. Though the Gothic columns have faded and the seas have not stopped rising. But with his “dirty little fingers in everybody’s pie” it’s hard to discourage Obama’s tour de force, let alone ignore him.

Meanwhile, just note the consistent smirk on the face of Josh Earnest as he is forced to answer the urgent questions of the day. “What, me worry?”

One comment on “Relativism’s poisonous arrows

  1. […] Relativism’s poisonous arrows […]



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