ISIS is America’s fault

What would you expect from a blame-America-first liberal?

Progressives should take their show on the road, and then see what the public’s response to them is? Well, no, they wait till they are in office not campaigning to let it all out. Maybe he’ll get a friendly interview with Al Jazeera?

He tries to parse it that he is not really blaming the US for creating ISIS — we’re “not responsible for this evil ideology”. Just like the disclaimers Obama tries to make while appeasing the enemy. But there is no doubt he is blaming us for what they are doing.

Here’s what it sounds like to me: those poor Muslims and Islamic terrorists, they cannot possibly be responsible for what they are doing. Instead it has to be our fault. Progressives talking about flatworms seems very ironic.


3 comments on “ISIS is America’s fault

  1. Well, of COURSE it’s our fault, Bull.

    The excuse of thieves/murderers/criminals everywhere: if you don’t want us to (steal-from / kill) you, you should’ve protected your (stuff /life) better.



  2. […] is no different than Sen Chris Murphy who suggests the US is the cause of ISIS. Even thought he c;aimed he wasn’t blaming us for […]



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