See no evil, say no evil

On the Sunday news circuit, HS Secretary Jeh Johnson reminded the public that “if you see something say something.”

Well, just as long as you don’t say that you see Islamic radicalism or terrorism. You are not supposed to see or say that.

7 comments on “See no evil, say no evil

  1. drrik says:

    I see an HS Secretary who is neither securing nor protecting our borders. Instead he is registering the few illegals his organization catches and then releasing them into the welfare state.
    This is neither incompetence nor a philosophical difference.
    Instead it is at best theft of office and a felony, and at worst treason against the country and actionable for impeachment and criminal charges. He should be evaluated by a jury as to whether he qualifies to be hung.


  2. Dead-on, Bull:
    if someone is on the Libs’ list of Protected Victims, they all magically transform into Sgt. Schultz:



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