Community organizing gone ugly

The plot thickens. Just a little introduction to this article. Obama and his cast of mischievists have been busy scheming their transformational plans. Read this latest report about their devious plans and progress tied to the immigration debacle he created.

So now “coming out of the shadows” seems more of a euphemism to this administration. It is very ironic what the phrase really portends for transformation of the US.

Breaking…WH Plans to Develop a “Country Within a Country” of 15 Million “New Americans”

by Sara Noble • February 28, 2015 | Independent Sentinal

The White House has plans to legalize more than 10 million illegal Americans and have them form a “country within a country.”

The following Mark Levin interview with Susan Payne is shocking but it also puts all the pieces into place.

Susan Payne is a contributor to WCBM, Baltimore and Co-Host of the Pat McDonough Radio Show,

Unbeknownst to the Obama officials, Ms. Payne was invited to listen in on conference calls at an immigration rally. Cecilia Munoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, and 16 members of the White House cabinet were on the first call. White House officials were on all three calls. What Ms. Payne learned needs to be immediately shared with Congress and the public.


Indeed it fits a lot of pieces into place. We knew Obama had urban plans. This ties the illegal immigration/amnesty schemes into their larger picture. Media will not report it.

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