Hillary’s mountain of problems

The White House declares Obama did not know and only found out through the press. Play it again, Sam. Doesn’t say much for his administration, does it?

That’s only half of the problem, if we take Obama at his word. That Hillary did not disclose or notify them is a sub-problem. Why not? And he did not find out. Why not?

So Hillary supposedly did not inform the Obama administration that she was exclusively using private email and routed it to her home.(wherever) Wouldn’t security and national security demand that she tell them, or Obama?

I actually speculate that there was some sort of conversation. This is only speculation, and only one possibility. It could have went something like Hillary letting him know basically what she was doing, ‘but just for security reasons'(wink). He might have said if there are ever questions or problems, I have deniability. Even if there was no conversation it amounts to the same thing, “I didn’t know”.

What if every cabinet Secretary did that? This was not the occasional overlapping of private email accounts. When they point to Jeb or Christie, those are states and not the federal government or a department.

The other problem is that State Department certainly knew it. But no one informed the administration of the situation?

As with most Clinton problems, people want to close the barn door after Clintons bolted through it. She has her way and benefits, then takes a stand in favor of closing the door.

Hilary, you’ve got problems!

8 comments on “Hillary’s mountain of problems

  1. Bullright says:

    Hillary announced a presser, at UN, after reporters were already credentialed for the event. So anyone wanting to get in to ask about the email scandal wouldn’t be able to.


    …see what you did there.
    So Clintonesque.


  2. jmsabbagh says:

    Yet she has the audacity to think of herself as a politician.Shey defied even the constitution with her carelessness.


  3. jmsabbagh says:

    There is no way The Clinton will utter the truth from their mouths. The blood of Chris Stevenson stains her hand for ever.


  4. jmsabbagh says:

    Hilary accepted money for the Clinton Foundation from the most brutal regime in the world SAUDI ARABIA the oppressors and persecutors of women and children.Saudi Arabia is financing every barbaric terrorist group in the world.


  5. Bullright says:

    Did Hillary have a rule that no one could send classified information to that server? Because she says there was not any classified information on it. Obama would also have to know not to send any classified info there.



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