Hillary, we have a problem: multiple problems

So Hillary says she “opted” to use just one device. Well, that sounds simple enough. Too simple. The problem is this is not about her choice of device, or number of them, she used but about the one private server she used exclusively. It’s about the choice of using one private account, for business and personal. She could have opted for any number of devices which still would all have been connected to the one private server. The multiple device excuse disintegrates under any logic.Could she make that case in court?

As many others said, she could have had more than one email account on one device. No, again, she wanted only one private server. That is the issue not the number of phones.

Now she complains but much of the info on there was private, and that is a problem. (but only for us) She is the one who gave it thought and then tossed all rational reason in the wind to combine her private emails with her public duties/responsibilities. (something she might have considered were she elected president) It was her decision, no one forced her. One can only imagine the size and scope of the server should she ever become president. But now she wants to make an issue about the amount of private stuff on there? Can anyone say smokescreen? A problem she willfully created.

Newest reports say her two top aides also used the server. Well, now we are getting closer. When Hillary talks about personal emails, or private information, it depends on the meaning of “private,” doesn’t it? If top aides were in her server loop then that info was not recorded at the State Department, obviously. Gives new meaning to private doesn’t it? Can the bsusiness or information related to the State Department be considered “private”? And she wonders why anyone would care about this.

But the whole point that this is a choice over having two or multiple devices is ludicrous. It’s like a blue dress someone airbrushed red. The more adamant she appeared in making that case at her presser, the more it destroys her credibility — which she had none of before.

Dems do even worse in defending her — note they defend Hillary not what she did. They say it will not make a difference to people on voting for her. Again, that is not the issue. Sure it should matter, but what she did and why are still the central issue. So politics, electability are the only things that matter. Following rules in office are irrelevant.

Her number-of-devices argument is as weak as the number of straw men she used.
But unfortunately for us, we don’t have an app for that.

2 comments on “Hillary, we have a problem: multiple problems

  1. Bullright says:

    I guess we’re supposed to call it device-gate instead of emailgate now.


  2. […] Hillary, we have a problem: multiple problems […]



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