Powell the judge of all things Republican

Colin Powell comes out to poke his finger in the eye of Republicans, again. The one-time Republican favorite for president charged the Republican party with intolerance.

He offered no real proof, or substance, just leveled the charge. Yet I never hear him accuse the Democrats of anything, but particularly on race matters. Of course he knows how the game is played by now: he says it, then thousands of Democrats cite Powell as an authority to attack Republicans. It comes off as just a political hatchet job. Is he still claiming to be a Republican, I really wonder why? I guess it lends a layer of legitimacy to his attacks.

“I still see it. I still see it in the Republican Party and I still see it in other parts of our country. You don’t have to be a Republican to be touched by this dark vein,”

See the story if you are up for seeing his rationale, or lack thereof, in Washington Times.

Saying nothing of the dark vein of racist, anti-Israel politics from the Democrats.

6 comments on “Powell the judge of all things Republican

  1. Colin Powell ranks up there with Obama in my book of “Least likely to listen to”.


    • Bullright says:

      LOL that’s about right come to think of it. They make him the authority?

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      • I use to have respect for Colin Powell. Now all he seems to me is a Obama brown noser and not worth listening to. I can’t say he has any authority and he gives our military a bad name. This is my opinion though.


        • Bullright says:

          I can agree there. That comment in the article seemed really out of place. He went to talking about Ferguson and police and racism (the left’s talking points) and just threw in that Republicans are bigots.yada yada. Gee thanks, Colin, don’t let the door hit you. I wouldn’t be surprised what he might say about the military either. Long as the RNC doesn’t put him in charge of anything…..

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  2. […] Powell the judge of all things Republican […]



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