Persia 2.0: the sequel

When Ralph Peters talks, people ought to listen. Or as the old Soviet defectors used to say, get the bananas out of their ears. He framed the coming Iran as years in the making.

The Iranian dream of a reborn Persian Empire

By Ralph Peters — February 1, 2015 | NY Post

The sight of vast graves opening and the undead clawing out should unnerve us all. But we haven’t even noticed. As more blood flows than any horror film offers, it’s brought the hope of eternal life to bygone empires we all thought dead and buried — and good riddance.

Blinded by the flash of headline events, we fail to see the strategic arcs of our era: the agonized collapse of Europe’s empires — climaxing in the Soviet Union’s demise — and now, amid the chaos and fanaticism, the belief on the part of once-mighty powers that they can rebuild fallen empires.

History is vengeful toward the ignorant. And we’re historically illiterate.

A Turkish attempt to establish a neo-Ottoman Empire failed (none of their neighbors wanted the Turks back), but three other imperia have gotten at least one foot out of the grave: the Persian Empire, the Arab Caliphate and the Russian Empire.

Not one means us well.

More at NY Post

I guess the jingle of “The Iranians are coming” doesn’t have a good ring to it. We are sure headed in the direction of Tehran, ‘as Tehran goes…’ Our illustrious jive-masters in Washington think no one will notice. The old adage is: change, if done correctly, can hardly be noticed. Well, many of us notice but what is anyone doing about it?

Bibi gives a speech mentioning the hijacked territory under Iranian control but the indoctrinated masses said his “political speech” struck a sour chord. While Iran punctuates every sentence with theocratic politics all the time. What do we do? Make concessions. It seems some of that Persian pride has infiltrated and infected Washington. Is it terminal?

As Peters said, “History is vengeful toward the ignorant. And we’re historically illiterate.”

2 comments on “Persia 2.0: the sequel

  1. drrik says:

    It’s like the walking dead played out on a national scale. Series isn’t over but it doesn’t seem to be going well for the humans.



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