So the cat fight begins…. continues

Guess who’s talking and organizing in the White House over Hillary’s emailgate? No surprise Valerie Jarrett is at the center of acton, once again.

NY Post: Valerie Jarrett Leaked Hillary’s Private Email Use to Press

by Katie McHugh — 14 Mar 2015 | Brietbart

Vengeful Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett went through back channels to leak Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to the press, an explosive new report reveals.

The New York Post‘s Edward Klein reports that a source familiar with Bill Clinton said that the former president told him: “The Obamas are out to get us any way they can.”

Jarrett blamed the Democratic party’s 2014 midterm losses on the Clintons’ insinuations that Obama’s unpopular policies, including executive amnesty for foreigners gobbling up American jobs, made the president an “albatross” around the reigning party’s neck.

Jarrett, Obama, and Obama’s wife greeted Hillary as a triumvirate of black liberals at the White House after Democrats got thrashed at the voting booth. Under the watchful eyes of his wife and closest senior advisor, Obama told Hillary, the former first lady of Arkansas, in no uncertain terms he would remain “neutral” in the 2016 election — signaling he would not, in fact, support the Clinton candidacy that the media call “inevitable.”

Ambitious Democrats are scheming to kneecap a Hillary candidacy before she declares she’s running.

More at Brietbart

It will surprise few here that I have a twist on that take. I don’t dispute what is happening. But wait, again Jarrett has been given wide berth. Who is she to be making the call for Dems on who should follow Obama — acting with impunity and no push back from anyone? She’s up to our necks in the Iran deal. She was no doubt heavily immersed in Benghazi and IRS scandals, and the EPA rules or environmental policy.

Now she is making the call for Obama’s successor, or so they plan. This unelected Chicago political operative came to DC with more power and influence than anyone else in Washington except Obama. And again, Bill Clinton declares who is out to get the Clintons. (first the Republican canard then Jarrett) Who would you rather believe if you were only given the two choices, Bill or Jarrett? I’d have to go with Bill. (bad as that is)

3 comments on “So the cat fight begins…. continues

  1. This administration makes me think Clinton Admin. was a walk in the park.


    • Bullright says:

      You’re so right. And Hillary may have met her match, at least her worst enemy. It does make those Clinton years look so juvenile now.

      They must have had the goods on her all along, whenever they wanted to use it. So this is the time to bring all this out?

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  2. […] So the cat fight begins…. continues […]



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