Hillary’s fun tour preempts her listening tour

Call it a scheduling change. Hillary, well known for her listening tours, now recommends therapeutic fun for what ails you. The irony of the humor-challenged Clinton discovering the need for fun, now that’s funny! According to Hillary, we need a break.

Eureka, she’s discovered the mother load fun deficit. And she has the cure.

Hillary seems to be on a roll. Never a ‘dull‘ moment for someone trying to shake the baggage of her ‘really old‘ narrative. So she schemed up a diversion an idea ripe for today, she wants to start a fun camp. (and we thought she was already a laughing stock)

Apparently she’s given this some thought. Well, what passes for thought from Hillary.

Let the fun begin. She wants her peeps to be happy campers. And what a spokesperson for the cause, eh?

She stumbled upon a central problem with Dems: when their politics suck and they are losing ground, they are the most unhappy crowd you’ve ever seen. Now she plans on rectifying all that. The question is can she escalate it into bread and circuses?

But at least her idea has supplied lots of fodder for the right, and they are getting some laughs out of it. I doubt very much the Elizabeth Warren crowd is very amused though.

Instead of that fun deficit, how about we fix the truth deficit? Start by releasing the server and Benghazi emails that apparently, to Hillary, were not ready for prime time disclosure. Or were they too funny for prime time? Then she can do her “dirty dancing” tour.

Now maybe I can petition that Blue Toy company to come up with a “Hostess Hillary” fun doll version to fit in the Clinton collection? So now she wants to be the Comic-in-Chief.

So this is a new idea. But she did look like she was having a little too much fun on State Dept’s dole already, now we know why. Are these separate cabins going to have separate servers? Will all records be “private”? Maybe Biden and Bubba can be the welcoming committee? Rumor is when Hillary said “camp for adults” Bill Clinton’s eyes lit up.

9 comments on “Hillary’s fun tour preempts her listening tour

  1. Bullright says:

    Hi, I’m Hillary…

    WANT TO PLAY !???!



  2. thomlucci says:

    she is an evil, lying, scheming, dishonest crook linked to many scandals still unresolved. She didn’t do a damn constructive thing Secretaries of States are expected to do and did before her reign. She is foul mouthed, grossly disrespectful to Secret Service agents and despised the military. If she was ever elected potus it would be the final nail in our nation’s coffin.


  3. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, Another great satire, part true, but your comments are priceless.


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, oh well I can’t retain it with her. I was a little surprised she said this to give everyone a rich target. I think she is getting a little worried… “calm down people, relax, have some fun, laugh a little”. LOL


  4. […] Hillary’s fun tour preempts her listening tour […]

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