The writing on the wall for Hillary

The writing is all over the wall for Hillary running then being the next presumptive president, and has been for a long time.

But the fact that some people don’t like or want to read that writing is a problem that needs to be nipped in the buttocks.

Hillary surrogate Granholm on potential challenger O’Malley: ‘He better watch out’

By Dan Calabrese March 30, 2015 | Canada Free Press

I sort of hate to horn in and do this on a day when Rob and his lovely wife are galavanting around on Rahm’s mean streets. Ripping on Jennifer Granholm is sort of his territory, and no one does it better. But I did say I’d cover for him, and one never knows what duty will require of us.

So when the most inept governor in Michigan’s long and not-so-storied political history pokes her head out of the ground and speaks on behalf of Hillary Clinton, there are several reasons you need to know about it. One is simply so you understand the judgment Hillary shows in empowering certain people to speak for her. Hey. I had to live through the infamous “lost decade” Granholm gave us too. The highest unemployment in the nation. Our biggest industry begging Congress for a bailout. Perennial budget crises. People fleeing the state in droves (a trend that has now reversed under Republican Rick Snyder).

Those of us who hung in there are glad we did, because Michigan is our home. But dang, when Jennifer Granholm was governor, this place was an abject disaster. In fact, it was so bad that once she was no longer governor, even she left.

So when you see this clip, keep in mind the type of person Hillary Clinton is comfortable having serve as her surrogate on national television – a complete, blithering, incompetent fool. But even more so, pay attention to what she says in this ignominious 16 seconds of foolishness:

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I know he really hates to but one does what one can.

Let me guess that the Clinton machine will also show that their opposition research team can work just as good on any fellow Democrat as it does on Republicans. Martin O’Malley better find and get in his spot on the Hillary plantation, and do so quickly.

When he recieves that email from Hillary’s private server, then he’ll know for sure he better not be stepping up or out of line. It’s lonely out there, why a person might even get hurt out there. After the first one or two renegades get knocked back in line, there won’t be any other person stupid enough to jump off the Hillary bandwagon.

She doesn’t care if you call the presidency a family heirloom or a dynasty — it makes no difference to her — as long as you call it Hillary’s.

Doesn’t O’Malley get it? There will only be a primary if Hillary says there will be one. What part of that does he not understand? Is it the accent that he’s having trouble with? Hillary wrote the book “Hard Choices” specifically so there would be none. He’d better get with the program.

So if Hillary decides they’ll be no primary, there will be no primary. That’s what Hard Choices is all about. Some people are just thick.

5 comments on “The writing on the wall for Hillary

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, I guess enough contenders know to run against Killary is dangerous as hell. Getting killed perhaps?

    O’Malley is dangerous too. He’s a freak who has banned guns in MD. Another leftist who we don’t need.

    Hillary thinks it is her right to become Queen in 2016 and nobody is going to stop this dangerous, scandalous woman no matter how many laws she’s broken.

    I guess it is written on the wall like you said that she will become the next prez unless the GOP gets a real conservative who “might” be able to top her, but it’s not looking good. I feel we are doomed.

    I tweeted this on Twitter.


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, yep its dangerous opposing the Clintons. He is no picnic either. Now he is up bucking the anointed one. At least he admits it.

      I have never seen so much inevitability about one running for pesident. Gee, do we really need an election or can she just be coronated as heiress? That is the perception they put out there, not that I like it or agree.The writing is on the wall that she is the Dem nominee, I think those great poll numbers against Republicans must be flawed. But Dems don’t think so.

      The GOP better come through with a real challenge, cause I sure don’t want to see her actually get away with it. Bad enough she is in but to be favored that heavy. (if you believe these pollsters)Thanks for the tweet. At this point it doesn’t matter how many scandals she has or is part of. Nothing matters…. We’re running against perception.


      • peppermintfarm says:

        Bull have you seen the latest polls on Hillary. She’s slipping down below several Repubs in key states. I sure hope it continues.

        And yes why not just give her the crown as the dem nomination? She thinks she deserves it (NOT) and I can’t really see anyone opposing her.


        • Bullright says:

          Pepp, now that is a surprise she is melting. Seeing Rand up in Pennsy and her down doesn’t bode well for the queen, That’s encouraging. Maybe people are waking up. But what did they expect from Hillary? 🙂


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