Land of the Left

I don’t usually do this but in a prior post on the evolution of the left, Drrik left an excellent comment. I was thinking on a similar theme but he said it so well.

Most of the left-wing philosophies are based on feelings rather than rational thought. Some of those feelings are even founded on guilt or self-loathing. They do not hold up well under close examination and any challenge has to be met with anger, since a discussion or debate is a sure path to undercutting and exposing it’s underpinnings, which is not tolerated in a conscious mind. There is so much invested in this direction that it is destabilizing to have it challenged at all. — H/T to Drrik

If that description doesn’t sum up the progressive left, I don’t know what does. I just wanted to expand on that a little.

Progressives trot out their ideology and talking points on news shows, and demonize anything they disagree with that doesn’t align with their utopian world-view. (anyone holding a utopian world-view now has serious vision issues.) I guess any non-utopian view is out vogue now to the Left.

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