Buchanan unchained and off the rails

Buchanan demonstrates the fallacy of academia’s thinking. Iran is not as bad as you think, while Israel is a danger to diplomacy. Not to over simplify it.

So the elite intellectuals know better than everyone else. What could go wrong? Well, his book is probably hundreds of pages more of the same cliff notes displayed here.

Here’s a good report on the back and forth at Newsmax.


5 comments on “Buchanan unchained and off the rails

  1. Is Buchanan one of the RINO’s? He sure sounds like it to me.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Oh bloody hell. There goes Buchanan with his antisemitism again. And just who does he think is going to bomb Iran? The Dictator? And so what does it matter how many nukes Israel has if can’t get to Iran to bomb them?

    And what’s this crap about blaming Bush? Has he turned into a progressive? And does he think Iran will keep its’ word? Ha, what a dumb-ass. Iran chants “death to America” the same day the deal is made.DUH?

    You’re right he’s gone off the rails with this one.


  3. […] Buchanan unchained and off the rails […]



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