Mark Levin discussing our current condition

Listen to Mark Levin radio podcast 4/9/15 — click here

We’re witnessing the complete evisceration of American citizenship and the destruction of the American identity through waves of illegal immigration and open borders.

A few highlights:

    A silent coup, Rome is burning. California. A 200 trillion-dollar debt.

    We’re not assimilating people who come to this country… people who come to this country are assimilating us.

    What about Americans?

    Feel the pain of our enemies, treat our allies with contempt.
    It’s not a doctrine, it’s insanity.

Mark Levin Show podcasts.

Along comes Hillary Clinton to tell us “everyday Americans” need a champion. But who are everyday Americans? The slave state needs a champion.

So the little fascist Leftists chant their cute meme, “this is what Democracy looks like!”
But this is what tyranny looks like.

3 comments on “Mark Levin discussing our current condition

  1. drrik says:

    $220 trillion, but who’s counting?


  2. […] Mark Levin discussing our current condition […]



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