All aboard the Scooby Express

Including and especially the fawning mainstream media.

In NRO, Johnah Goldberg has captured a moment in time, the first day on the campaign trail. (well, I mean the first day on the official campaign trail)

“We’ve never seen [Hillary] get a burrito before,” remarks Mark Halprin.

Nothing surpasses the electric excitement of eating a burrito. Let’s be real, they won’t be so giddy a while after she consumed said burrito. It might bring tears to their eyes.

But this was the patented mentality of the swooning Left in covering Obama, too. Watch him eat an ice cream cone; watch as he assails the bowling alley with a gutter ball. Tune in as Obama visits a sandwich shop. Oh, the memories of which leave me nauseous.

Pay attention as the media does what they do best: weave her into an attractive, likeable, if playful, favorite candidate. Naturally, substance is not even on the menu. It can’t be. It’s all eye candy making a sow into a silk purse. A well-known sow but sow nonetheless.

To borrow the standard phrase of late night TV host Tom Snyder in his program:

“Fire up a colortini, sit back, relax, and watch the pictures, now, as they fly through the air.”

“I’m doing something too… I’m running for president,” says Hillary. And away we go!

See Jonah’s column here.

3 comments on “All aboard the Scooby Express

  1. […] All aboard the Scooby Express […]


  2. Bullright says:

    Okay we need some better script writers, their material is getting a little stale…after her 2nd run. She’s just the average rich, famous, elitist, female running for office.

    How about the Scooby van broke down in bad neighborhood? They bought some Scooby snacks at the liquor store where they got mugged and a lesson on redistribution. SS came to the rescue with 2 prostitutes in tow. They got back on the highway headed for the nearest presidential suite at the Hyatt. The Scooby van was stripped but AAA came through with a rental. (you wouldn’t believe what they can get for Clinton memorabilia) All in a day’s campaign. Tomorrow she talks about the effects of poverty and low income neighborhoods. Meeting with Planned Parenthoodies at noon – photo op.


  3. Bullright says:

    I went ahead and wrote a little drama into her campaign script because, face it, even she’ll be bored to death by the end of the week



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