Live from DC …. it’s press briefing!

Now for a Ha ha — Hilarious moment:

The White House was asked Thursday how it feels about the uranium story and Clinton’s approval of the deal.

According to Washington Times, Josh Earnest responded (apparently with a straight face)

“At this point, there has not been any evidence presented that would prompt the president or anybody at the White House to be unsettled by Secretary Clinton’s conduct as secretary of state,” said Mr. Earnest. “In fact, everyone here at the White House, including the president, continues to be very proud of her service to this country.” (More)

No problem! Now that I have my laugh for today, we’ll see if this love affair lasts. Josh said his lines just as well as John Podesta, or any of the other Clintonites said them. Excellent delivery, Earnest. Of course the evidence along with Clinton’s server are probably somewhere in the Mariana Trench.

What’s their definition of “service to this country”?
Is that anything like Bergdahl serving “with honor and distinction”?

4 comments on “Live from DC …. it’s press briefing!

  1. On Mark Levin’s show recently, he pointed out that besides prosecutable offenses by the Clintons in this uranium deal with Russia, the bigger story is that such a deal (allowing the Russian Govt to purchase a controlling share in a company responsible for 20% of the uranium mining in the U.S.) would have also needed formal approval from a White House Council whose members included Atty General, SecDef, Treasury Sec, Sec of State, National Security Advisor, Dept of Homeland Security, etc. The deal wasn’t just done at some “Reset Button” party in Moscow after Bill’s $500K speech.

    It’s time for some modern-day Woodward & Bernstein journalists to start pulling on these kinds of threads and unraveling the murky details until the Emperor’s clothes fall off.

    – Jeff

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Oh no there is nothing to see here. She will skate as the Clintons always have. The woman is an absolute disgrace.


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, their move on spiel went out of date about 10 years ago, didn’t it? That’s all they’ll say “there is no there there”. There’s crap all over the place and they claim “not a shred”….like Obama’s “not a smidgeon” of corruption.

      She should be prevented from holding any public office, and yet she’s determined to be prez. And there are just enough stupid people. Nothing here, nope.



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