The Left having their way

I didn’t want to start a long rant over the sentiments in that last article about Israel. I almost did but then what’s the use? It is nothing new under the sun.

But if I would have, I almost said something like I hope by next year you find something positive to be cheerful about to appreciate Israel’s Independence Day. Almost. But if you consider what would make some on the Left happy and encouraged by Israel, that was probably not a good idea.

In other words, had Netanyahu lost then probably a lot of that negativity would have been washed away. If his opponents and Obama-bots had their way, it would be another story. They would be dancing in the streets Sort of like here when Obama won. They would be shouting victory, maybe naively. Anyway it provided a good comparison and reminder to the state of America as well as the state of Israel — and current world conditions.

I find it amusing sometimes how the leftist mind works or doesn’t. The old saying about be careful what you wish for rings true. The same applies to the progressive Left here. They don’t read the word caution on a sign, they react by going full speed ahead.

Anyway, not to rant here, but when I consider what the Leftists want it makes me realize why we cannot appease them. It is not a pretty world when the progressives get exactly what they want. That does not stop their overreaching either. It could be a horrible thing to think about the Left getting its way entirely. You can say “but they are,” though they haven’t got to their utopia yet. That’s the difference. There is a whole lot they still want. And besides, I don’t think there is a finality to their utopian model, it keeps on going. So if they were all happy campers, then I think we’d be in even worse shape – imagine.

I heard someone ask a minister about all the places he had spoke asking, ‘if you were invited to speak at a Hillary Clinton rally, would you?’ But I think I know that answer, the person said. The minister explained, I can speak most anywhere except where I have to water down or change my message. So the point was if they gave him unconstrained ability to say what he would, then he could do it. But that is not the Left of today.That is not going to happen because it would not be in the Left’s interests. Hillary or the Left will have certified fellow-travelers speak because they can control the message. And truth is really not on topic. There are a few parallels to both of these.

Actually if it was up to the Left, they would run Elizabeth Warren if she could win hands down. But even Warren is not left enough for them. (I’m not sure socialist Bernie Sanders is either) You can probably find the same thing in Israel’s Left.

It is sort of like wondering what it would have taken to make Ted Kennedy happy? We saw how far he was willing to go to get what he wanted, volunteering our media to Soviets. Kennedy would supply them press access to speak directly to the  American people, with the objective of defeating Reagan — but he offered access. So you see there are no lines or limits with the Left. Just like with Clintons, whatever their objectives are; or like Obama’s “ends justifies the means” philosophy. It’s something akin to wishing the Islamic State happiness, while knowing what makes them happy.

PS: I forgot the obvious, who puts political agenda above their national holiday?


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