Clinton foundation full of red flags

With so Many Red Flags, Why Isn’t the IRS Auditing the Clinton Foundation?

by Charles Ortel – 16 Mar 2015 | Breitbart

Sixteen months ago, Nicholas Confessore and Amy Chozick wrote in The New York Times about the loose governance and financial performance of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. For example, after more than 10 years in operation, the Foundation had internal controls that were only just coming into play, while financial disclosures seemed sloppy and even misleading.

In addition, two months have elapsed since Eric Braverman– the talented executive recruited in July 2013 to put the Clinton Foundation back into order– resigned unexpectedly several weeks following renewal of his long-term management contract by the Board of Directors.

Actually accounting for financial impact?

Media reports suggest Braverman lost out fighting the melange of Clinton loyalists who behave as Bill and Hillary have done throughout their adult lives: acting as if rules are for other people and noble ends justify transgressions, even egregious ones.


The answer from the Clinton mobile defense team is “there is no there there” or “no evidence has been produced that….” And the response to that is Bill and Hillary Clinton are involved, need we say more? With the track record of the shady, sleazy politics and activity of the Clintons, their involvement anywhere should require an investigation.

After all, the IRS audits and investigates any other players, even for years. Yet they haven’t looked into the foundation money trail and State? It takes global-sized blinders to ignore that. Meanwhile, the DoJ has attacked businesses’ like gun dealers — not to mention guitar manufacturers –and seized bank accounts for simply making objectionable deposits or purchases. They confiscate the funds as well. But in this case, there is not a huge investigation. Rather Clintonista supporters are offended when someone reports facts which themselves are the smoking gun. Businesses get operation Choke point, Clintons and their foundation get “it does so much good.”

We already have a president in office who is not impeachable no matter what he seems to do. Then we have a foundation with direct government connections that is apparently off limits and immune from investigation or audit by the IRS for its flagrant practices. Again, all of it so scandalous and the Clintonites say there is no evidence. There doesn’t have to be, just the egregious appearance of so many abuses and conflicts are quite enough.

[“KdEtat07BillJefferson90K” by Infrogmation, New Orleans – Photo by Infrogmation. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.]

Suppose a public official has money in his pocket and gave favorable treatment to the source. Then people say but nothing connects that money in his pocket with the favorable treatment. They say there is no evidence. So when (LA) William Jefferson had all that money in his freezer he could have said, “nothing connects it to my actions.” Case closed. It is absurd that we do not investigate it. Why hasn’t there been some sting operation by FBI? Is it because Clintons are above and beyond the reach of the law?

Then again, Politico magazine described the rifts and rivalry within the foundation. Struggles that ensued when daughter Chelsea brought in a new CEO to right the ship. (replacing Clinton loyalist Bruce Lindsey)He resigned after getting board support.

The previously untold saga of Braverman’s brief, and occasionally fraught tenure trying to navigate the Clintons’ insular world highlights the challenges the family has faced trying to impose rigorous oversight onto a vast global foundation that relies on some of the same loyal megadonors Hillary Clinton will need for the presidential run sources have said she is all but certain to launch later this year. — Politico

An investigation with teeth or IRS audit is justified. Instead, we read the facts to a chorus of denials about evidence. Let’s all take a stupid pill. That will solve it. Plus while Hillary was at State and her server was in NY, State had no confirmed Inspector General. An obvious outsourced server would have set off alarms.


Bill Clinton and President Obama had an agreement that the Clinton Foundation would not accept any new donations from most governments while she was Secretary of State, and that any new, or increased, donations would be subject to State Department review. Of course, that didn’t really happen, and Clinton has failed to disclose the foundation’s donors since 2010, despite a 2008 promise to do so on an annual basis.

Bloomberg reported on the IG problem, obvious to anyone that cared — and certainly would be known to Hillary Clinton.

Instead of that being a problem, we were told ‘there is no evidence of any wrongdoing.’ Now we see how instrumental her server violation was and it was in NY close to the Foundation operation. Did anyone cry about not confirming an IG? They have had a similar situation in the Department of Interior. So, again, objectionable businesses get operation Choke Point, and the State Department under Hillary did not get an inspector general. If any place needed one at that time, it was State.

3 comments on “Clinton foundation full of red flags

  1. thomlucci says:

    After all her scandals and conspiracies, her lies, her far left liberal stance. . .people think she would make a decent president? Clinton supporters are just as much ignorant morons as the morons who TWICE voted for our anti-American, traitorous president. There seems to no longer be any American pride and a search for a president as much a patriot as Ronald Reagan. Ever hear of “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”? We are witnessing the fall of our nation. It will one day (and in the not-too-distant-future) no longer exist the United States in any form as envisioned by our founding fathers.

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