Summarizing the bad news

So it comes down to logic and reading the tea leaves.

Society has gotten to the point we now have discretionary law enforcement, from the top. At the same time society has gotten so structurally fragile police cannot and won’t be able to protect people. Partly, that may be understood. But on top of those challenges, they also made the conscious choice not to try to protect individuals or private property. That decision comes from those in power and elected, not LEOs by themselves. So when push comes to shove, as it often does, they already made the choice.

This is understood by people who understand the law and purposes of government.

Bad enough they feel at a loss to protect a given person in a situation. Then they have made a bureaucratic decision not to protect you. This crystallized in Baltimore as a Fox reporter was covering the protests had a cop tell him that the reporter should know that if he got into trouble out there, the cops could not protect him. The police could not risk starting a riot to try to save or protect the reporter. It was a tell tale sign. There was a rational reason for the cop to say that to a reporter, but it reveals a larger problem.

As the Mayor of Baltimore and whoever else made the decision to stand down, it was equivalent to making a choice not to protect people or property. It swung the pendulum against protecting innocent citizens or victims. The burden was on innocent citizens.

When they made that conscious stand down policy, they reversed the purpose of government, which is to secure the rights and property of people… to ignoring and deliberately not protecting people. Now it is worse than defying their oath and obligation. They made a decision to forfeit your property, as if their name was on the deed.

Yet worse is motivations and who benefits. They made a choice to protect government, themselves, over your property. In fact, they are actively protecting government, while ignoring property and security. So the fundamental purpose of government almost exclusively is protecting itself. The job of LEOs is to preserve and protect itself.

Government has been engaged in this. It’s first and only priority is to itself. We now have government, of the government, by government, for government. Nothing more. This is why so many people question not only the purpose and intent of government, but much of its existence. Is it really just for itself, for the benefit of itself and nothing more?

RightRing | Bullright

5 comments on “Summarizing the bad news

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, another excellent article by you.

    I agree, government is for government. We don’t matter at all.

    Blake giving the stand down order not only put the good citizens at risk but also the LEOs. This is so wrong.

    Now the cops are afraid to do their jobs for fear of being charged with a crime. They are demoralized and feel broken.

    it’s the same with the border patrol and ICE. They aren’t allowed to do their jobs either.

    Nothing with this government is about protecting people or their property. It’s no wonder that people now don’t trust a thing about our government. I know I don’t.


    • Bullright says:

      Thanks Pepp, you said it. They have put cops at risk too. That doesn’t seem to matter to Mayor Chaos. That’s a powerful intimidating factor, isn’t it? She should be ashamed but she’s proud. Now she has invited the feds to come in. I hope she realizes when they find lots of problems the finger will point at her too.

      Right, the same m/o as border agents. We’re being royally screwed. True, nothing is on our side.

      It’s amazing many liberals still trust them and cannot admit this. I didn’t recall hearing those businesses or property owners asked whether they were Republican or Democrat before losing their property? (many businesses were minority owned) Do progressive-heads think they are exempt from it all? Ha ha, what flaming morons!


      • peppermintfarm says:

        Bull, yes it is very intimidating to cops doing their jobs. I wouldn’t blame the cops if they all quit their jobs. Blake is a flaming idiot and I hope she gets some of the blame too, but most likely not since she’s black and a demorat.

        Yes, progressives do think they are exempt of everything. No one takes any responsibility when it comes to these morons.


        • Bullright says:

          Pepp, great point. It is the same with De Blasio. The cops turned their backs and he nor the Left liked that. Here it is a black mayor — not just playing one on TV. If they did do that it would be hard for them to claim racism. And hard to blame the union, ha ha.

          Right, when a Dem says I take responsibility it’s code for I’m looking for a scapegoat and will let you know. Media never calls them on their stupidity, if they even cover it.


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