A word on business appreciation

(isn’t there a national holiday for that or something?)

It’s being reported that CVS will rebuild two locations in Baltimore following the nasty, ugly riots and fires that followed. Sounds like a good idea, no?

In a press report, they say they are going to also donate 100,000 to a United Way in Baltimore area, and the “Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore.”. They claim they are really obligated to people’s health, and this is an extension of their efforts to help people.

Truth Revolt

“Our purpose as a company is helping people on their path to better health,” [CVS Health CEO Larry Merlo] said. “There is no better way that we can fulfill that purpose than to reopen our doors and get back to serving the community.”

You don’t say?
Well, pardon this satire: (hopefully everyone knows how satire works)

It turns out that it’s a great sign of appreciation to get looted and burned out. Who knew? It simply means they like you, in urban lingo. So take it as consumer appreciation.

This is not the first time. In Ferguson they looted and burned auto parts stores. That is probably where locals buy all their fancy accessories, parts and brakes for their rides. Naturally those stores would be at the top of thugs’ list to loot, destroy and burn. It’s a sign of endearment. It’s urban speak, sort of like getting jumped into a gang. But once you are in, well, all those perks.

So this is seen by retail insiders as a wise business move.(and great for the bottom line) It’s what you do. Maybe, like some stores in Ferguson, they will have the privilege of being looted or destroyed multiple times? Hey, that means you have really arrived.

So quit being so hard on them, it’s the right thing to do. Seems the more they like you, the more they rob you. Don’t you get it? It makes sense.

See you next riot ‘business appreciation day’. And what a healthy community it will be!

H/T to Truth Revolt

16 comments on “A word on business appreciation

  1. Bullright says:

    Story time.

    Decades ago now I worked for an outfit that went to a recently closed store in an iron-bound section of a city. It closed due to constant continual looting from nearby projects. It was boarded up.(I’d never seen anything like this before) While I was inside a woman came up with a baby in a stroller and a toddler, looking around, to ask what I was doing?

    She said, “what is the store going to do, close for good?” I shrugged. She proceeded to tell me how much she missed the convenience of the store, being the only one for blocks. She reminisced about great times she and her children had coming there almost daily. I looked down at the child with big round eyes wondering what I was going to say. I said, “I don’t know” and shook my head saying “that’s too bad, I know.” Well, that was before she asked if there was any giveaways she could have? I learned then, what do you say when there is nothing left to say?


  2. the unit says:

    Pitiful. Is that still a acceptable word? If so what does it mean today? And my prescriptions, which still is a word and medication, is going up in cost.


  3. Bullright says:

    News flash: CVS is offering free baby formula and 12 cnt. diapers for first 40 customers.
    Oh, that’s right…………..they burned it down. Sorry!
    No rainchecks.


  4. Bullright says:

    These urban renewal plans seem very expensive.


  5. drrik says:

    Inner city may soon require a storefront like the rest of the 3rd world, ie roll down steel panels covering everything when not occupied. Hurricane proof. Community organizer resistant.


  6. […] A word on business appreciation […]


  7. peppermintfarm says:

    Ha,ha Bull, good satirical piece. I can’t believe that these people would want to open up again after the destruction. LOL “customer appreciation day”, what a good one Bull.

    Just wait until the next riot when these cops are not convicted. These businesses will once again be looted and destroyed.


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, right I think he is dreaming. Even while they were putting out the fires people were cutting fire hoses. I hope he gets good insurance and lots of it . Lots of luck, he’s going to need it.


  8. Hardnox says:

    What’s remarkable is that the black community doesn’t even blink. It’s as if the CVS combusted by itself. It should be noted that prices in hood areas are higher to offset for the theft… also lost on hoodrats.

    The sad part is that there are many really decent folks that are stuck in these areas and they have no voice for fear of reprisal.

    I’m still left wondering what the hell they are so angry at when the city is controlled by blacks and every department is headed by blacks and predominantly manned by blacks. Are they mad that the ‘free shit” that was promised by Zero didn’t arrive?

    The cycle of building a city, then effing it up, then rebuilding it, then effing it up again is crazy. The blame for this insane cycle belongs 100% to blacks.

    Lastly, of the 200+ businesses that were damaged or destroyed in Baltimore, the majority were owned and operated by Asians. Nary a peep has been mentioned about it.

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    • Bullright says:

      Nox, I really like that term cycle, it sure is. No one has mentioned who owned them as if no one has lost out, except for Fox. I wish I knew why, Yea, a streak spontaneous combustion. It happens every now and then.


  9. the unit says:

    Bullright, this is a test, Forgive me for using your site as a test, But image and idea came from here and I’m not much for figuring out manufacturing a page to display on computer. So well see.
    I don’t know if this drawing of a divided America will show up when I try to link.
    If it does it’s only the thought that counts, division shown in it not the way it breaks down necessarily.
    It just struck me because after Hurricane Ivan and I had a large fir tree blow over and I sliced it up into three inch wide slices, some slices likely looked like terrain of the U.S. and I chopped up into smaller slivers for kindling. Likely the slivers more like the division in America these days. Saved the larger trunk slices for decoupage boards.
    Thanks. 🙂


    • Bullright says:

      Hey, no problem ideas welcome, anytime. I would like to see what those slices looked like. I know just what you mean. Made some great stuff I bet. A few weeks back I made a fire to burn some dead pine branches. But it was such a prefect little fire for a while I was thinking some of the same things as the sparks were coming off until they stopped and it just burned in an eery perfect flame.. And I think JD was spot on. (as always) It’s one heck of a visual….you can’t really ignore. Yet it’s going on unabated all around.



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