Somewhere over the top

A very typical thing occurred. Obama went out to talk about poverty… in an untypical way. I saw a writeup on a blog which took him to task.

So I don’t want to belabour[sic] the point. What’s new? Others have covered it.

But that wicked irony of going to Georgetown University to rail about poverty, and the pure hypocrisy therein. Think of the many colleges or Universities he might have gone to, but he chose that one. Soooooo…

I wonder if that is completely lost on Obama, in which case he is so out of touch he could have held a poor seminar at the Ritz Carleton and it wouldn’t have occurred to him?

Yet Romney mentions the 47% or the numbers on food stamps and he gets lambasted.

2 comments on “Somewhere over the top

  1. the unit says:

    Not easy setting up your foundation, Tuskegee to Georgetown. Got to cover all the bases.



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