Does medium matter to success?

The internet itself is a giant blank page to write on so why not just take that literal approach on a blog? Sometimes I start writing and don’t know where it is going to go. Just let the spontaneity roll down the edges of at least this post.

So I was looking at one of those writer sites, I’ll leave nameless. They were debating about fame and winning an award in writing in print and elsewhere verses — note they set up the juxtaposition — writing on Internet like blogs, FB, comments etc. Someone compared the Internet to a sandbox. That’s why I called it a blank sheet of paper.

The idea is that they are different venues and, one supposes, different talents too. The conclusion is that one must move on from this giant sandbox to a more serious medium to have or show great talent. That has me wondering. Getting fame or recognition in print or other, possibly winning some award, is a more meaningful measure of success? Maybe there are different views on that.

The Internet can be more casual or comfortable, if not seductive and addictive, than stiffer media. I’ll buy that they have their differences. Though the idea is a person must use other means to achieve success than the web. I might be reading more into it than they said, but that is the idea. The Internet is ‘a sandbox but one must build elsewhere,’ as one put it.

A lot to chew on for subject matter. I know there are many aspiring writers on the Internet. It suggests one must move on to other media. Need one give up the web — one or the other? I’m not sure. I wonder what others think?

There is a more freestyle movement on the web that is for sure.

“In the arts, a medium is a material used by an artist or designer to create a work.”- Wikipedia

9 comments on “Does medium matter to success?

  1. the unit says:

    A medium. Yes, I tried this one and asked in my mind… “Who is John Kerry?” I already knew, but just for fun. Also asked about a few more. 🙂 Met with no success.

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