The Hope Block

From of all places, the Daily Beast is reporting the distrust within the black community in one of the most traditionally Democrat areas, Chicago’s O Block.

A pastor on the South Side is asking Republicans to talk to his flock after what he says are 50 years of disappointment from the other party.
CHICAGO — It is difficult to imagine a less likely GOP presidential campaign stop than O Block.

After all, it’s the most dangerous stretch of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Chicago and one of the toughest territories in the city.

But if Republicans stand a chance of chipping away at Democrats’ dominance over the black vote in this city and elsewhere, it might be something to consider. (More>)

And its hard to imagine this report coming from a more unexpected source. Their disenchantment can no longer be swept under the rug?

So far Rand Paul is the only one taking them up on the offer to Republican candidates to campaign there. What is interesting is the source. Maybe it is cause for hope in areas Democrats consider Republicans persona non gratae? Seems worth a shot to Rand Paul.

Could the community be finally getting tired of the same old meat-grinder politics that leave them wondering what they are supporting long after the elections? With the conditions of the city and the recent crime waves, it would make sense to look for different leadership.

Even more interesting than the message is the messenger, a pastor in the community. Is there a chance for some change? Some will call it wishful thinking but maybe political dysfunction and plantation politics do have limits after all?

Maybe they are really getting fed up with Democrats’ hit-and-run politics?

7 comments on “The Hope Block

  1. Hardnox says:

    I’m not holding my breath on whether blacks have seen the light or not. For crying out loud… do they need a meteor to hit them?

    The left has been boning them for decades. The black family has been destroyed. 70% of kids are born to unwed mothers. Crime is rampant. Black unemployment is off the charts. Black run cities are shitholes. 97% of all black homicides are at the hands of other blacks. Yet the meme that blacks hear from the pulpits, the soapboxes, and from their elected leaders is that it’s whitey’s fault.


    In the meantime, middle class blacks who are largely conservative in their thinking (yet still vote dim for some alien reason) will not or are too afraid to tell the thugs in their community to STFU.

    If what this pastor in Chicago catches on, then GOOD. It needs to be said loudly and often in every corner of every community regardless of color.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, it’s funny but I just saw this pastor on Greta at the same time I saw your article.

    I say good for Rand Paul to be the first to come and talk. I heard the pastor say they really liked some of the ideas like giving tax breaks to blacks who want to start a businesses to get their communities going. Rand Paul has already been going into these communities that no politicians ever bother to go.

    I hope more Republicans show up because it’s been so long that the black communities have had anyone really care what they think or want.

    Whether this will change anything or not is to be seen. So many of the blacks are so implanted on the democrat plantation. I do know and we talked about this is that blacks in general are so disillusioned by Obama.

    I’d love to see real hope and change come to blacks how they are just taken for granted by the demorats.

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    • Bullright says:

      It’s kind of informative that Rand is the first one there. I think he would go anywhere. If the dissatisfaction is anything close to what he claims then how good does Hillary look to them? She’s the most out of touch person in the country.

      I would like to see them campaign there. Why not? I just wonder if Democrats aren’t trying to set a snare to get one statement or misspeak for an attack?

      It sure would be nice to see a different attitude spread like a virus.You’re right taken for granted. Now we see all the attention on illegals and immigration, and Obama only uses them for a backdrop and a pincushion.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Rand has been going to all kinds of places that no Repub has ever gone to and most demorats either. He has been trying to build a bigger audience for the conservative branch. I hope it works.

        O man has really ticked off a lot of blacks over the illegals coming in here. They in particular have gotten hurt with the illegals taking jobs they used to do and they don’t like his pandering to illegals.

        However it remains to be seen if the “black block” changes their loyalties. They have remained stuck for so long on that demorat plantation and change is hard.

        LOL! A pincushion!


        • Bullright says:

          I agree with that, it remains to be seen. But just hearing these stories once in a while is a major breakthrough, since we never even heard that before.

          Jobs are one big part and the other is their own leadership.It is hardly reason for optimism, I know. I think a big part of it is caring. Then every four years someone herds them to the polls. It starts with caring what happens. If only…


  3. Just Gene says:

    “You can fool all of the blacks some of the time, and some of the blacks all of the time, but you can’t fool all of blacks all of the time”
    luvya ,

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