Obama’s final words

The only speech from Obama I want to hear and can’t wait for now is his farewell speech. After which, no matter what its hubris content, he fades off the national stage. Wishful thinking. Certainly out of the Oval Office.

Unfortunately, Obama will never have the dignity and integrity of many others before him because he will not go silently away. Still he will be removed from the reins of power, something so important but only a dream so far.

He won’t have the humility or decency of past greats and never will. He’s the albatross around America’s neck. We can just hope but, like his promises, never see the fruition.

America can be sure of one thing, it will never be as it should. Yet it all serves as a warning never to repeat the mistakes of Obama’s radical legacy. May we never again witness such lack of American pride and patriotism as we’ve seen in Obama. May God see to it we never experience it again. That’s my prayer.

5 comments on “Obama’s final words

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Amen Bull. Beautiful prayer.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, your prayer brought tears to my eyes.

    No I doubt seriously he will go in silence. He’ll have to do his last finger waving bludgeon against the American people with racist comments. His flagellation of America will be on his tongue has he leaves.

    My ultimate dream would be before the end of his term, he would say, in his last SOTU, “I’m stepping down before I am arrested for treason. My helicopter is waiting outside. Have run. Ta, Ta.”


    • Bullright says:

      Thanks Pepp, I expect a huge forefinger salute that we cannot miss. Yes, he can’t help himself. He’ll say he is going away, but it’s just one final lie to torment us with.

      I like that. LOL ta ta. Yep LOL… and maybe Michele will bestow her vengeance on us one last time? They’re radicals, they can’t help themselves.



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