Clinton Flag is us

Ah, the Democrats have SO much trouble with that Confederate flag. Maybe they should have spoken to Bubba first, or their famous loser candidate Al Gore. Those two Southern racists.

Clinton Gore 1992Button-296x300

Can’t leave Hillary out of the picture,  whatever her latest fruit-salad opinion is on it.

Hillary photos Breitbart


Tip toe through the history, with me…

Clinton Legisl

and twitter H/T @

I’m thinking “Dixie loves Hillary” will not be her new slogan. Poor Hillary, she’s probably chugging Southern Comfort about now.


5 comments on “Clinton Flag is us

  1. the unit says:

    I saw a couple of those this morning at another site.
    OK, Walmart and others won’t sell me a product with Confederate Flag. OK. Baby where I spend my money is my civilian business. Except LEO may grab it with no charges. And Congress just says…to constituents…
    What’s that baby
    But, but, but
    Oh honey
    But, oh baby you know what I like.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Notice the crickets from the liberal bias networks on this. Hypocrites!



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