Sounds of angry pro-choice deniers

Looky looky, new abortion rhetoric. The leftist abortion lobby has decided for tougher blunter talk on abortion. Their verbiage has gotten too watered down, time for an upgrade.

Slate lays out the “reclaiming abortion rights” case here

But one should read this first, from a former pro-choicer: “The day I became steadfastly opposed to abortion

Time for a little evolution of arguments from the “pro-choice” abortion-obsessed crowd. It’s for the “social good” and don’t be afraid to say it, according to the leftist scriptwriters. In a new book the article is based on they are upping the dialogue.

The old proud and loud method is more like it.

So all the times you hear leftists talk about needing a conversation or national dialogue about this or that, understand they mean no conversation. Practically everything leftists talk about is rooted in opposites and on control and force. Nowhere else are those traits more abundant than abortion. Then their redefinition skills are essential to complete it. That’s what is in store for the future.

4 comments on “Sounds of angry pro-choice deniers

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    I read the story about the man who changed his mind about abortion. I had very conflicting feelings over it. While I’m glad he changed his mind to pro life from abortion, I was sickened by his reasons for being for abortion in his past. Oh well, at least he changed his mind. I guess I’m already feeling nauseous this morning.

    The other link I couldn’t get to. It just kept rolling and nothing came up.

    You’re right Bull, discussion on this subject will not be a “discussion”. If you disagree with these pro abortion crowds, you immediately become a woman hater. Or you are against women’s so called “rights” which really don’t exist to murder a child.

    Another activist SCOTUS decision where somehow they found this right in the Constitution that actually does NOT exist.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, it was good from a personal perspective but pretty troubling. The other is slate and it seems to take a while on that one. I think it’s been real busy.

      You said it. I just realized the putrid logic to that against women hater mantra.

      Right another example and morphed it into fiat law/ like the “right” itself. Thanks, I’m seeing all the parallels. The first article just pointed out how they have seemed to be put on the defensive about defending abortion. They’d rather not have to defend it, just like Gosnell. But that is the way the left talks about everything in a slimy, roundabout way. I’m not sure I could stomach reading that entire book though I’m sure they will make it widely available. So true, another Supreme proclamation. Seems they don’t want to have to defend it anymore than the left does.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Bull, it almost seems impossible to have any rational debate with the left no matter what the subject is. It all ends up with anyone on the right being called a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist , or you just “don’t care about these people”.

        Well I’m done with the name calling. I’m finished trying to argue with the left. It’s always a no win situation. The one thing they don’t realize however when they argue with you is that their reasoning is skewed and they make themselves look stupid.


  2. […] Sounds of angry pro-choice deniers […]



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