Love it when a plan comes together, not

The Global Warming fanatics are still pushing their snake oil. But who is buying it? That could be a problem, or so you would think. This article encapsulates a series of comments at one recent attempt to refute the truth.

Commenters excoriate a Science paper that denies global warming ‘pause’

By S. Fred Singer | July 1, 2015 | American Thinker

Perhaps the most inconvenient truth for global warming theorists has been the absence of any statistically significant warming trend in the past 18 years – in spite of rapidly rising atmospheric levels of the greenhouse-gas carbon-dioxide. Many are simply ignoring this unanticipated result – for example, the encyclical letter issued by Pope Francis on June 18. Conventional climate science, as employed in IPCC models, has been unable to explain these observations.

Coming to the rescue, Dr Tom Karl, head of NOAA’s National Climate Data center (NCDC) asserts that the temperature plateau (aka ‘pause’ or ‘hiatus’) is simply an artifact of the data. After he and colleagues adjust some recent SST (sea-surface temp) readings, they claim an uninterrupted warming trend in the 21st century. […/]

I loved this one comment in particular.

Scott Martell

“In all this they are not seeking for theories and causes to account for observed facts, but rather forcing their observations and trying to accommodate them to certain theories and opinions of their own.” – Aristotle, On the Heavens II.13.293a

[See list of dissent comments]

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Lots of questions raised by their claims but don’t expect any explanations from the G/W – Climate Caliphate.  These days it is all about “settled science” and “settled law” responses to any problems, questions, or skepticism. Both of which are pretty unsettling.

4 comments on “Love it when a plan comes together, not

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Just one more thing there is “no debate, the science is settled” matter meaning we should just shut up.

    Climate change is the word used because globull warming fell through. No matter which way they call it, it’s just another scheme to re- distribute wealth.

    Maybe that’s what the Pope wants, more money into the Vatican coffers. They must be running low on funds or gold.

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  2. the unit says:

    Recent news: Earth entering sixth stage of extinction. Progressives next. Good for climate change. Fine by me. 🙂

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  3. drrik says:

    I believe that they have not thought this through. Seizing more power won’t stay a collapse. At best it only allows a few to protect themselves. The vast majority of lib-profs don’t produce or don’t function outside of a government regulated structure. Not a great resume to sell by barter when a fiat currency is worthless. No one ever talks about what happens AFTER they collapse what we have.

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