Hill claims China is a bully

That’s my description of what she said, I’m entitled to it. Cue Clinton’s complaints.

[AOL] U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused China on Saturday of stealing commercial secrets and “huge amounts of government information,” and of trying to “hack into everything that doesn’t move in America.”

Read more: http://www.aol.com/article/2015/07/04/hillary-clinton-accuses-china-of-hacking-u-s-computers/21205004/?cps=gravity_4816_3199749523481590688

Okay, that’s a first-rate case of hypocrisy for the left. She’s carrying on worried about China hacking, yet had her own private server while running the State Department. Now though, she jumps on popular sentiments against China’s cyber hacking attacks. But what did she do about it when she was at State? Nada. No doubt they hacked that little Clinton server for all it was worth.

You know, in a way I can see where Hillary was hacking the State herself by diverting email through a private server outside the State loop.

“They’re also trying to hack into everything that doesn’t move in America. Stealing commercial secrets … from defense contractors, stealing huge amounts of government information, all looking for an advantage” — Hillary Clinton said while on a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

It is laughable considering her long stint at the State Department doing nothing about it. Then she went on to castigate Iran as a threat regardless of superficial nuclear agreement. But again, as the former Secretary of State, what did she do about it?

Then she complained Iran’s “aggressiveness will not end”. She went on to rail about Russia, too. You’d never know she was Secretary of State while all this was rolling out. Perhaps she had to get out before it was too obvious? Now we have the uranium-gate and donation-gate on top of that. She’s still got Benghazi shrouded in secrecy and mystery along with he arms running to Syria. Yep she’s now worried that the world has gone to hell in a handbasket. Ya think?!

Better elect her to straighten out these problems. She’s already mentioned her gun-control agenda and amnesty for illegals. What’s next, a chicken in every pot?

6 comments on “Hill claims China is a bully

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    She’s hilarious harping on her mistakes really. And what about that reset button with Russia and the famous pic of her doing so. The repubs need to make an ad with that big mistake of hers.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, yea what about that? The only reset button that really functions is her own. Sad that this whole thing is looking so contrived. Ads and lots of material, if anyone uses it. I can hear them say, “I don’t want to run a negative campaign”.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        She’s like the energize bunny who her campaign mgr winds her up everyday on her fake campaign. She goes about giving little talks with hand picked people and so called chats. That about sizes up her whole campaign. She doesn’t believe she really has to.

        These pansy repugs can sure run negative ads eating their own during debates but have no guts to run negative on the leftist candidate.

        I’m hearing that more ppl are showing up at Bernie Sanders events and he’s on the far, far lunatic fringe of the commie dems. So she has to keep moving more and more to the left. I hear Hill is worried about him gaining on her.

        I hope the 2 of them run so far to the left side of the planet that normal middle of the road people (those wafflers) run away from her. And Sanders too. He’s a crazed man.

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        • Bullright says:

          Pepp, say they do run the attacks on fellow repugs but not Hillary. Right. And yet the left is attacking republicans every day. Here we go again with these crazy “rules of engagement.”

          Gee, even when the commies stumble no one cares and media picks them up again…like weekend at Bernies, as if they are right on message.

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          • peppermintfarm says:

            Bull, ha ha. I like that “rules of engagement”. Like our troops it just gets them killed.

            You’re cracking me “weekend at Bernie’s”. I can imagine right now a real weekend with Bernie Sanders and what a hoot that would be. An article was found today about him saying women who don’t have a lot of orgasms don’t get cervical cancer. And this is what we’re up against????????

            Nuts all of them!

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            • Bullright says:

              Pepp, that does crack me up too.So its just for our good, that’s all the care about. LOL

              Look at Che Guevara on all those t-shirts. Great quotes. They’d put Bernies’ face on feminine napkins. Ever notice when a liberal says something off-the-wall crazy they can always find some study somewhere to back up what he/she says?? There’s a reason for that, ha ha.

              Certifiable…and we aren’t suppose to notice. ah ha



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