Sanctuaries for illegals, bullets and crime for citizens.

Sanctuary cities — my new term is Sanc-cities.

Byron York has an article in the Washington Examiner reporting what Obama, Clinton and Biden said in debating it in 2008.
Clinton said:

So this is a result of the failure of the federal government, and that’s where it needs to be fixed.

The problem is the federal government has totally abdicated its responsibility.

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Its the one thing they all had in common, each blame federal government for being derelict in its duties. According to them, this is the reason we have sanctuary cities to begin with.

Now that they are the ones running federal government, the problem is immigration is so broken. But they won’t say what exactly is wrong with the laws, or why they are broken, they just propose “immigration reform”. Why would anyone not be suspicious about what they are doing? They even claim that the sanctuary policies make the cities safer. Creating a huge magnet to attract illegals, and release them to recommit crimes makes cities safer?

Notice how progressives blame federal government, like ICE, but yet they don’t want ICE to be able to do their job. No they don’t want any cooperation between local communities and ICE. Actually, the dems would have all sanctuary cities, towns, communities. But they would still blame the federal government for being derelict in their duties — to enforce the law. It’s equivalent to a dog or cat chasing its tail endlessly. How can they get away with this since the Dems are in control of both the sanctuary cities and the federal government? (via executive branch)

The Constitution never gave cities or towns the ability to write immigration laws…or ignore them completely. They have policies like don’t ask don’t tell on immigration. They don’t want authorities to ask immigration status nor illegals to say they are undocumented.

We have a full-court blame fest going on. Sanc-cities blame feds, feds blame the cities, Obama says we need more funding for the laws they aren’t enforcing. All say that the system is completely broken that we need reform to fix the problems.

In other words, we cannot fix any problems without creating another bureaucratic expansion of federal government– and funding it the same. So they want more laws for Sanc-cites to refuse to enforce. Or until they get ones they like. Border agents blame administration for threatening them not to enforce the law.

All these oath takers cannot keep their oath of office. You might as well call it civil disobedience. But if they were really in civil disobedience, you would think they would just quit the job in protest then if they cannot do it. Instead, they defy their oath of office by not following the law despite what the consequences of that brings.

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6 comments on “Sanctuaries for illegals, bullets and crime for citizens.

  1. drrik says:

    Sanctuary cities didn’t shoot that lady in San Francisco.
    The Confederate battle flag did.
    And Bush.

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  2. Davetherave says:

    Good piece Bull. Another great example of liberal logic blowing up. The damn retards can’t think one minuite into the future to determine their idea really sucks badly. Thus; so many opportunities for the blowing up.

    Just about everyone in DC is so full of crap when it comes to a good immigration policy. A lot of our elected kings love to bloviate and pander to their base, but no one has done a damn thing about this problem. Now we have the long time porous borders added to liberal logic and boom! And the liberal logic didn’t see this coming…WOW.

    It would be frigging cheaper on tax payers just to make Mexico our 51st state…
    Oooor I guess that would be the 53rd state as far as Barry can count! 😀

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, great I’m surprised they didn’t play dumb like “what sanctuary city?” Righto not a one of them did a thing about it or even proposed anything. (that I know of) But look who they are pandering to. A state could be much cheaper. They’d want to move back to Mehico then.

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  3. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, so what is wrong about following the laws that are already in place? OR following the Constitution, Like the feds are supposed to be in charge of “protecting the States from invasion,foreign or domestic”.

    That seems clear and direct too me.

    And with that why do we need “immigration reform”? We don’t. It’s all a smokescreen to NOT follow the laws already on the books and the Constitutional duties of the federal government.


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