McCain, politics as usual

Now for the other side, since all we hear from media and mouthpieces is about the Trump remark besmearching McCain. Then McCain attempted to broaden the comments as insulting to lots of other militray — not “in the arena.”

Others have criticized Trump because he is a candidate but McCain is not in the race. Though McCain did and has injected himself, as he usually does. That’s the problem with political control, it becomes a very personal thing to those wielding it.

McCain Calls Some Arizonans ‘Crazies’ ‘Fired Up’ by Trump

by Michelle Moons16 Jul 2015 | Breitbart

Five-term U.S. Senator Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) lashed out at his constituents, calling some Arizonans “crazies” and telling a reporter that recent remarks from 2016 Presidential candidate. Donald Trump are “very hurtful” to McCain.

This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me,” McCain tells a New Yorker reporter. “Because what he did was he fired up the crazies.”

Trump has been decrying the lax state of immigration enforcement in the U.S. and related problem of sanctuary cities. He has brought to national attention the stories of families killed by illegal aliens. Since his announcement, Trump has catapulted to the top of polls for 2016 GOP Presidential hopefuls.

Now he galvanized them,” McCain said. “He’s really got them activated.”

McCain is considered vulnerable in his 2016 bid for re-election.

We have a very extreme element within our Republican Party,” McCain says, apparently referencing January 2014 when members of his own party formally censured him. Those spearheading the censure said McCain had pushed liberal views.

Breitbart News reported that McCain had been censured in a whopping 1,150-351 vote of Maricopa County Republican Party members in January 2014. The resolution read in part, Only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly censure our leaders. Today we are faced with both. For too long we have waited, hoping Senator McCain would return to our Party’s values on his own. That has not happened.

McCain even copped to lashing back at those GOP leaders, “We did to some degree [to] regain control of the Party.”

Reports indicate that following the censure McCain and his allies launched a political cleansing of the Arizona GOP leadership, ejecting one conservative Republican after another. Politico reported that McCain’s team sought to, “unseat conservative activists who hold obscure, but influential, local party offices.”

Close McCain ally Sen. Lindsay Graham has joined his friend with name-calling and condemning Trump, referring to the real estate mogul as a “wrecking ball.” [latter a jackass]

Arizonans vividly remember a 2010 McCain campaign ad in which he promised to “build the danged [border] fence.” Since that time McCain has not only failed to make good on that promise, but has participated in the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill that would have granted de-facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward on Tuesday announced her bid to serve the people of Arizona in the U.S. Senate and replace Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). She called for border security measures that would further national security. Attendees repeatedly expressed a desire to see McCain removed from his Senate seat with calls to “retire McCain.”


John McCain is actively playing politics as much as anyone.  And he doesn’t like being on the receiving end of criticism. Enter the made to order comments from Trump to rescue an out-of-step McCain already on the defense. Disguising his enemy as “friend” doesn’t sell. Crazies added to hobbits, wacko birds, extremists, agents of intolerance etc…wrecking ball, jackass… as his ‘hit’ list and attacks go on.

33 comments on “McCain, politics as usual

  1. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. McCain is one useless ass, way too far to the middle, RHINO Repuke. Calling people crazy because they want to enforce law(s) and secure borders is for sure playing politics. Also a bit of kissing the illegals asses.

    Maybe McCain got his speaking points from Jebby or Christie Cream. It’s way past time for him to retire, move to Vegas and hang out with Harryass Reid. Sure they get along splendedly.

    P.S. First time I’ve ever been called a mouthpiece Bull. 😀

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  2. Hardnox says:

    What’s funny about all of this is, first McCain took a cheap shot at Trump, Trump fired back, the McCain falsely claimed that Trump attacked all veterans and the media jumped on the bandwagon as did most republican candidates, Trump turned up the heat and refused to apologize then his ratings soared again, now McCain wants to change the subject. Bwhahahahhahahahaha 🙂

    This is too funny.

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    • Bullright says:

      Yeah, it is kind of strange how it is working out. Media followed right along that path, too easily, almost like planned. Ha ha so he wants to change the subject? Very interesting. Trump started a hotline for military to call. Bet that pissed him off.

      I looked at McCain’s twitter and it is all defensive attacks on what trump said. He even had military orgs issue statements supporting his “military record.” Why do that? We are talking about his record mostly in the Senate cesspool, which he can’t really defend. When Donald said he should be ousted and replaced I think that did it, but McCain was already on the sidelines throwing sand in his face.It seems to expose McCain more than Donald. And all these people and candidates who jumped on based on the reported comments, may have egg on their face.

      Nox, I’ve never seen a cabal like this. McNasty.

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      • Hardnox says:

        Good to know. I get news feeds from several military sites and the comments echo the same.

        What’s telling is that the LEFT and the establishment Rs are the only ones defending him. That speaks volumes. Cruz and Huckabee were the only ones smart enough to stay out of it.

        McCain started this pissing contest for no reason whatsoever. Trump responded with a firehose.

        I do believe that many of these pols live in a vacuum. Trump apparently does not. I dismissed Trump initially but I find myself liking him more and more with each passing day. He’s got grit and doesn’t do political speak and that resonates with middle America that has been getting kicked in the teeth for far too long. The GOP debate on 6 August should be interesting.

        Hopefully Trump can survive thru the primaries without shooting himself down. It’s still early.

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        • Bullright says:

          Nox, that sort of confirms it looks more like McCain using the military to defend himself rather than him looking out for them. And they aren’t all happy with McCain. Also glad Cruz didn’t take the bait, it speaks well for him. Huckabee probably had his reasons.

          I was dismissive at first too on Trump but he’s giving them a run for their money, lol Still early yes, but encouraging. This could be the GOP prescription the doctor ordered


    • Bullright says:

      Does McCain underestimate the animosity for him out there? He must.

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      • Davetherave says:

        I seriosly doubt it bull. Do any of the RHINO’s?

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        • Bullright says:

          I suppose you’re right. He thinks he can steamroll over it though. I saw him again last night doing his chuckling routine on calling people crazies. Again its a “term of endearment.”
          So….I guess he ought to wrap all our animosity for him under the flag of endearment. But he worries a lot about something complimentary to him. LOL But his insults of us are little jokes to him.


  3. the unit says:

    McCain said galvanized them. Nope don’t galvanize stainless steel.

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  4. peppermintfarm says:

    McCain is one of the biggest RINOs there is. Also found out the other day he was in on the IRS going after the Tea Party. How about those apples?

    Everyone is out to shut down Trump for bringing the Illegal issue to the forefront. The R establishment hates it because they have done nothing to stop it. They are afraid of Trump and his truth telling.

    And when McCain called Ted Cruz and Rand Paul wacko birds for wanting to follow the Constitution I had had it with him. He needs to go. I hope he does and Trump is supporting his running mate against McCain. I’m sure that makes him furious.

    McCain does underestimate the animosity for him. He still thinks he’s a good catch while real conservatives hate his guts.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, My whole comment got flushed again. It was a good one though Pepp, trust me.

      I hadn’t heard that but doesn’t surprise me. I don’t get all the bitterness McCain has for us either. He says he’s a Reagan foot soldier. More like a stone in the shoe that caused an infection that won’t go away, His gang stuff turned me off.

      Like most RINOs he attacks conservatives only. When have we seen that on the left? He’s gotten worse not better. I thought 08 would have taught him some humility. Nope. Even the R-establishment should not like him They are cowered by him. He appears to be good friends with Kerry and even Hillary.

      You’re right, he’s attacking Trump for a reason, Anyone who has any influence he despises. I heard congressmen who used to work with him say he’s a hothead. and throws tantrums over getting his way. It’s always a gang but if conservatives band together he resents that and tries to bust it up anyway he can. That’s why when goober Graham called Trump a wrecking ball i said wow what hypocrisy. And he was picking on their very favorite issue. How dare he. Who in the world could take Lindsey Graham serious…except McCain?

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    • Bullright says:

      Wow, I guess they held back that info as long as they possibly could, He doesn’t miss a trick, does he?

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        They sure did. But we knew he hated the tea party anyway. He hates Ted Cruz and Rand Paul for being one of them. I hate how he treats us.

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        • Bullright says:

          They both way out organized him too, which must really bug McCain, Especially Rand Paul. All McCain’s shenanigans just rally the base and raise money, What’s Lindsey or McCain have to raise money, amnesty? I guess that’s why they’re both trying to use (and manipulate) free media coverage. That’s all that is keeping them going right now.

          It will get interesting when those two have nothing, and see how the rest of us have to get by.

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          • peppermintfarm says:

            Bull, they will never get ahead of Trump so the best thing for them would be to ignore him instead of the bashing.

            btw, I saw the clip you told me about where Rick Perry has this (press announcement?) about Trump. Wow, it blew me away. He called Trump “toxic”. He went way over the line with that speech.

            I saw some Twitter ppl from TX say they liked him but now they are disappointed with him.


            • Bullright says:

              Yes, Pepp, their bashing seems to be hurting themselves, That’s weird, for once it backfired the way it should.

              Oh right, I had to see it twice to believe he said it. Cancer needs removed. Wow, I really wonder if he did himself favors with that? But the one who really called that perfectly was Tammy Bruce. She said if only they attacked and opposed Obama with such venom the US wouldn’t be in this spot. Perry wasn’t exactly surging before, this won’t help.

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            • peppermintfarm says:

              Bull, yeah the cancer thing was waaaaaaaay over the top. I could hardly believe my ears at the things he said.

              Tammy is so right. Stop bashing Trump which gets them nowhere and go after the real cancer or WMD sitting in the WH. Plain stupid is what these guys are. This kind of talk gets them nowhere.


  5. Bullright says:

    So Lindsey Graham tries to play off the phone problem as some kind of stunt. Using it for publicity or something, shameful.

    At the end, he says or you could give your phone number to the Donald.

    But then he says “this one is for all the veterans” throwing it into a wall.
    What did he mean by that? Since Trump opened an 800 line for the vets, I guess he is trying to discourage vets from calling Trump. You started it Lindsey, you’re way out of your league,

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