Hillary trails on campaign trail

This should make hillary spew her morning coffee. Oh, should but like Obama she’s too arrogant and in denial. Perhaps if her voters, the ones who don’t trust her either, wake up to say this is not what we were promised and what we signed on for?

Poll: Hillary Clinton in trouble in three key swing states

By Kelly Cohen – 7/22/15 | Washington Examiner

Hillary Clinton is trailing three leading Republican candidates in three key swing states.

In Colorado, Iowa and Virginia, the former secretary of state trails former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in hypothetical general election matchups, according to new Quinnipiac University polls released Wednesday.

Against Bush, Clinton trails 36 percent to 41 percent in Colorado, 36 percent to 42 percent in Iowa and 39 percent to 42 percent in Virginia.

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Commentary from the gallery

What we need with Hillary is something like the misery index for the economy. My theory was the Dems didn’t care about the trust factor. They vote for them anyway, almost in spite of it — maybe because of it. So I don’t hold my breath for distrust to take her down, alone. Must be more.

The Dems must be made to feel as depressed and pathetic as they really are for the country to get anywhere. But it is quite hard to give people a conscience when they have none. If they can just see the pile of manure they put in the middle of the room, and take in the aroma, maybe just maybe we can get some reaction out of them.

This is sort of like chem trails on planes. You can make all kinds of explanations or theories about them but one cannot deny seeing them with their own eyes. Seeing Hillary flounder in the polls is obvious to us. Can Dems make a good enough explanation for the cause to shake their confidence? Trustability does come to bear, but there is much more with Hillary. She is as polarizing and disconnected from normal, working class people as possible. It’s obvious. But she tries to mock CEOS and all while she is virtually in bed with them.

Will Soros pull the plug on Heiress Hillary at some point? Will he leave her to whither in the vine? Will the very support she is tied to finally say Basta Hillary, enough?

A case against her run.

Another question on Hillary remains. Why would she really want to run anyway? I’m being serious. She and Bubba — the Tookie of the charity world — have a pretty good racket er operation. Why does she really need to run? The answer of course is, you know, power and influence. The influence racket requires the power center to really have massive affect.

It worked great when she was Sec of State. If not for running for president, and her aspirations for the White House, they could be very comfortable. No hassles, raking in their piles of doe from all their connections. It is the influential political connection they need. But they still have that, Bubba has proved hugely popular, so is Hill for that matter. They could do well outside, like most institutionally connected liberals. And they would/do make it a family business. It crosses political lines. So why not just be happy in that high life they’ve extorted and built on the backs of America and its politics? (or the little people)

It’s a very lucrative racket for the grifters.

They also have their media connections and influence. What is lacking? Not much. No, the only possible reason — take altruism out — is that she wants access to the reins of power to get the greatest possible bang for the bucks. She really doesn’t care about people or anyone else. She thinks as long as she (or they) are at the center, then everyone else will be happy. Or as long as she is eating on the right side of the mushroom — like Alice in Wonderland — everything else automatically falls in place. Life will be good, people happy, the world comfortable in its chaotic bliss. Long as they benefit personally, what’s not to like?

6 comments on “Hillary trails on campaign trail

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  2. Hardnox says:

    Her run is nothing more than about her and history… and power. They already have plenty of cash and the floodgates will open as if Moses waved his staff at the Bill-Hill&Chelsea Foundation She’d be invisible were it not for Soreholes. IF the DOJ investigation goes badly for her expect her to drop out claiming some medical issue. The DOJ investigation could also me smoke cover when in the end they’ll say no laws were broken. My gut says Batears is going for a killshot since he loathes her so plus he knows that Gowdy is closing in. Best to do it now and give the Ds an opportunity to get a new shiny frontrunner.

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    • Bullright says:

      I hear you, Nox. Makes a lot of sense, money hasn’t been an issue for Clintons, with that whole inner shadow organization they’ve always had. (which strangely keeps loyal to them) If that dam busts it will be a sight to see. Everyone knew she’d be vulnerable from the left. That’s where the Left is. But that is where Hill is too. Soros must be considering his options.

      I also think Barry is looking for the right opportunity. Does anyone really think he doesn’t plan on being very influential? He’d never give that up. And Jarret she has to vote. We could hope for a war between the two rivals, though they aren’t two different sides.

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  3. peppermintfarm says:

    The dem/commies are in the throes of a great depression over their savior commie plunging in the polls. Like you said I see her running and wanting the office for the power she can wield plus she believes “it’s her time now”. So arrogant when she’s a failed Sec.of St.

    But, at all costs and she doesn’t care how much, the Clintons want their dynasty back in the WH. I figure then they can get bigger and bigger fees for Slick Willy’s speaking engagement because after all “he has to pay the bills”.

    Hilarious! The oh so poor Clintons who are so broke and barely making it. I suppose she thinks that ordinary people will identify with her and her financial struggle. (giggle)

    But i believe, sadly, in the end the dems will come out and vote for her because there is nothing they hate more than a conservative and they don’t want one in the WH. Unless of course one of the other dem candidates starts to really catch on with the people. But they are so far out in left field than ever it’s going to be hard to catch the Independent votes.


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