Election strategizing begins

Brent Bozell: ‘I Support Ted Cruz for President Unconditionally’

by Breitbart News 25 Jul 2015

President of the Conservative Victory Committee Brent Bozell III endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for president on Friday, urging conservative Republicans to rally behind Cruz “immediately.”

“I wholeheartedly endorse Ted Cruz for president of the United States, and urge all conservatives nationwide to rally behind Ted, immediately,” said Bozell in his endorsement video. “The Republican party establishment is counting on conservatives to be divided, so that they can nominate a moderate, do-nothing candidate. Make no mistake: If the Republican Party repeats what it’s done for the last two elections, Republicans will lose. I guarantee it.”

Bozell praised Cruz as a brave candidate who would defy the entrenched interests of Washington’s political class.

“If, on the other hand, we nominate a principled, passionate conservative America can count on to restore her greatness, there will be an outpouring of support,” he continued. “We need a courageous conservative who tells the truth and does what he promises. We need to nominate an inspiring leader, who’s proven he’s willing to take on the Washington cartel and buck the political establishment of both parties. We need a leader who will win and reignite the promise of America.”

“And there’s some good conservatives running for president,” Bozell added. “But we need more than a ‘campaign’ conservative. We need a consistent conservative who has led the fights important to us. Ted Cruz is this leader. I support Ted Cruz for president unconditionally and enthusiastically.”


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I’ll call this the first of many pleas. I knew it was a case of division, but I was hoping it would be with a number of establishment RINOS. Apparently the fearless establishment have been thinking of this too.(Bozell is no establishment) While the number of candidates and conservatives is great, it does raise those prospects.

So short of dividing the establishment RINOs, we have a limited choice. Though I think it too early to consolidate to that degree. But has anyone noticed the one guy that has not seemed very concerned is Jeb Bush? Trump has just been a weird distraction for him so far. Meanwhile, Jeb horded lots of money and his pac is poised like a vulture.

If the doors aren’t breaking down with more estabos, then we have to start strategizing. I take it RINOs are being shooed away by Jeb’s committee. I like Cruz but consolidate just yet? We also haven’t seen a debate or vetted anyone. I am a little surprised by this.

And if so, Cruz better be prepared for the ambush to follow if he unifies support. He will have incoming from both sides. Jeb has in effect had years to plan this run. Frank Luntz already seems to be concentrating on Cruz. Then the Left. I hope he’s ready.

23 comments on “Election strategizing begins

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    I think it’s a bit early in the game yet since there hasn’t even been one debate as yet. We need to see all the candidates debating and what their policies are going to be.

    I sure understand Bozell supporting Cruz because he’s one of the very few who actually wants to abide by the Constitutions and has shown that himself in his actions. I happen to like him myself for the candidate.

    I think there is an interesting little thing that happened that has been barely noticed. Oh it was written about but very little has been spoken about since.

    Cruz and Trump had a meeting together. Now what was that all about? Is the Donald preparing for an eventual loss and then throw all of his money and support onto Cruz? Or wanting to team up with Cruz knowing that Cruz cares deeply about what has become of our country?

    Right now there are more questions than answers. But one thing is for sure, the GOP establishment is all behind Jeb Bush. The constant throwing of him down our throats (even by Fox) is noticeable. He’s got pacs galore raking the money in for him. With all the money he has it is unlikely anyone else could become the nominee unless the Donald makes it or throws his weight and money behind Cruz.

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    • Davetherave says:

      Excellent comment Pepp!

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, thanks for that comment. It is early but this is just a preview. Cruz is right at the top on all the right things. I’d like to know what their little deal is. But I’ve heard Cruz say he believes in Reagan’s not speaking ill of a fellow Republican. I see caveats to that though. So I hope that doesn’t mean against RINOS. But it seems to be a good thing they talked.

      The media is all in for Bush. That smells like a dynasty. Right even Fox is doing their best to push the Jeb Express. It’s like “you can have any flavor you want as long as it’s vanilla.” The new remarks from Rience are no better, don’t anyone say anything negative about a Repub (what he really means is the estabo Repub.) I’m waiting for Jeb to start waking on water. I’m seeing the same thing going on here as the Dems do. So right Pepp, it is not pretty. They can’t make this sow into a silk purse. Try they will.

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      • peppermintfarm says:


        There is one thing that nags at me. I keep hearing (true or not) that the Donald may go Independent. There’s a big if in there.

        I would hate to see that happen. I’m not so sure that many conservatives would vote for him. Sure he has a die hard following right now because he’s doing all the things that people love, kicking in the teeth of the GOP establishment, knocking the teeth out of reports heads, bringing up issues that no other Repuke wants to deal with like the illegal immigration except for perhaps Cruz.

        People are loving him right now because he’s the voice of anger they so want to express themselves at the entire government and the GOP RINOs. And of course at Ohomo for all of his incompetence and evil acts.

        I am reading that Cruz is getting lots of money pouring into his campaign but not the kind that Bush has behind him.

        I’d really like to see Cruz be the nominee in the end. Even if he doesn’t have the experience like we talked about how on earth could he be worse than Ohomo, the man of NO experience other than a community organizer (code word for trouble maker)

        There’s lot to see as yet as the months go by. Someone even we don’t know at this point may jump in. Everything is up in the air right now.

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        • Bullright says:

          Pepp, I like the way you put it. It is a fluid situation. Though Cruz exudes a sense of stability and confidence though. This requires a stepping up and Cruz seems to have prepared and I think he is a fast learner. Hard to imagine whatever they saw in Bastid? Oh, I’m back, sorry I know what they saw.


  2. Davetherave says:

    I think Pepp nailed it in her comment and I whole hardily agree with her assessment. Too early to pick a ponie for me, but I’d be pleased with Cruz getting the nomination.

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  3. Hardnox says:

    Cruz has been my hands down favorite even before he announced his bid. I would love to see him as POTUS. Bozell endorsed Cruz on the heels of Cruz’ slapdown of McConnell which by any measure was a BFD.

    My gut tells me there is an unofficial alliance between Trump and Cruz. Neither have taken a shot at each other. When compared, Cruz is the adult in the room. I think Trump knows it too.

    The first debate in on 6 August hosted by FOX cable. That should prove to be interesting. Jeb weenie will talk about illegals and the need for compassion, and his rating will tank. Cruz and Trump will talk about the invaders and their ratings will soar ( assuming Trump doesn’t step on his pee-pee). The rest will just offer the same scripted milktoast focus group tested BS on taxes and the economy.

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    • peppermintfarm says:

      i hope Jeb Weenie gets fried during that very first debate on Fox. He and his “act of love” when illegals break in here isn’t going to go over so good. Trump has the country fired up over illegals and people are pleased that he has. They are sick of the illegals being in here too taking jobs or paying for their bennies, and surely for their criminal acts.

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      • Bullright says:

        Pepp, that love comment from Jeb was probably one of the worst. Worse than what Trump said. What rule of law? Straight for the emotional argument. His love boat should be sinking. At this point we have to give someone credit that stands up and says the non-p/c truth. We’ve been saying it for 5 years they ignored it. Finally they’re doing something about sanc-cities. We see how much they hate it too. I’m also remembering all those Tea Party or 5o1c3’s they attacked and tried to destroy. So we know how hard they opposed the truth.


    • Bullright says:

      Nox, I agree, he is right in the top. Good thing the election is not done the way they ‘work’ in the Senate, we’d be sunk. I think Cruz’d represent us pretty well. Truces can sometimes be a good thing. Jeb must be prepping his love boat for the debates. He isn’t much to listen to, Mr Humph. So he’s bound to be upstaged. (they could just let Jeb debate himself) I’ll add that the debates are for us to decide, not to get lectured about our positions. I sense that mantra is in the works with Jeb.


  4. tannngl says:


    I’m happy to see that Bozell has endorsed Ted Cruz!
    Cruz is the smartest man (including the one woman) in that GOP group. In the whole government!
    In the debate, he will shine. Jeb will come across as leaning right (to get the nomination-then will go left). Trump will get in some cheers for his audacity and knowledge of conservative anger. And right, the rest of the pack will be disappointing. That’s what I think…

    Cruz? I’ve been sending him monthly donations since last year. I think he’s going to win.
    Did you see this?

    Cruz is getting little individual donations from every state in the union. People like him. In the past few months he has gone from 8-9th in polls to 4 in the latest (tied with Huckabee).
    His individual donors are higher than Jebbers.

    You don’t hear much about him. Wouldn’t even know he’s candidating in the early primary states. Nothing much in news. But he’s been busy. Talking to a Jewish community in FLA. Very involved with them. He’s raising money and telling people his plans for the US. Raising funds.

    He has an ap out!

    Keep an eye on him!
    I believe he’s going to be our next president, if the good Lord wills it! Pray!❗❗❗❗

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    • Bullright says:

      Great comment Tannngl. The money pot the media is deliberately not reporting!! Jeb Rockefeller Bush has a dreary monotone and doesn’t speak well on issues anyway, Big loser should be Jeb. Jebabell couldn’t return fire on Hillary’s attack — is that telling or what! We better lose Bush before he loses it all for us, (saw that movie) But his pac money is still going to influence. Cruz is busting a move.Excellent. Perry is in the spin cycle too, about to be discharged. Don’t like his demeanor anymore.

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      • tannngl says:

        Thank you, Froggy!
        I so agree with you about Perry. He has turned me off.
        PAC $$ is very important too. Cruz had $51 million through July 1, as I remember from the big money donors. He’s not too shabby there either.
        This is and exciting race. Like the triple crown was this year. We’re gonna have a winner! 😀

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    • Bullright says:

      Not sure why Cruz isn’t polling considerably better than Huckabee? It’s early. After the debate seeing Cruz might be the turning point.

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  5. Bullright says:

    How about this, NH Democrat Chairman calls GOP low-info voters.


    Calling them “low-information voters who don’t want to deal with the facts” and monolithic voters. Pot meet kettle.

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  6. Bullright says:

    The only question now is what the narcissist Obamatron does to upstage the first debate? Could he break in with national news that we have an Iran deal? Could he call a press conference about nothing? Or does he stand back and call them names like usual? How about an executive order banning prez political debates — effective immediately?



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