Same old song and dance

It’s been a little while since I did an essay, and pontificating is really not in vogue at the moment. I’ll bust the boundaries and meet in the middle with personal commentary on this process that looks more like helter-skelter than an election year roll out. Plus a rant.

First off though I’d compare the situation to 2012, and most of the same issues are in the mix. Coincidence. How many years now have we been running on ObamaCare, political dysfunction or corrupt beltway politics. Frankly, I am sick of hearing the same things about upcoming elections: it’s this issue or that. It may always be about it but in the aftermath “it” never gets addressed. Next election.

When you do think you got a mandate on something at the polls, you are disappointed to learn later on that the election did not mean what you thought — or should have meant. We send people to congress with a message but that “tin can & and string” magically turns into a fundraiser speed-dial campaign once they hit Washington. So we get letter after letter of what they are concerned about, with reasons for raising money for their campaign coffers. Who doesn’t have a pet issue to pander for dollars about? Pick one, any one.

If I could sum up the political climate across the board it’s a lyin’ and cryin’ campaign. Lying about what they’ll do and crying for mo’ money.

So with that as the backdrop, its pretty hard to be optimistic about the people’s business. The subliminal message is expect what you have always gotten. We heard “if we change Congress things will change.” Have they, you decide? We heard “we will repeal Obamacare.” We heard that will not stand with a change in leadership. We heard Obama will finally be challenged or stopped. Executive tyranny will be opposed. (Benghazi, IRS, Iran, ISIS, Israel, amnesty, same sex marriage, 1st amendment, drilling, Keystone, VA hospitals, nominees, cronyism, scandals.) Well, all meant to keep our hopes up. We even had our hopes in the process and courts. How many Independence Days have we celebrated while wondering if that sacred covenant must be renewed? If election IOUs we’re given were frequent flier miles, then we would have been home-free long ago.

Is it our fault?

For years we could have only looked back at ourselves saying we get the government we deserve, and we’d be right. We’ve allowed it and brought it on. But now I think we are a little past that. We may stand accused for a lot and haven’t been vigilant, however, can we really be blamed for the entire current condition? I think not. We told them and did our best to hold them responsible. We sent them a message that we aren’t going to take it anymore. But afterward we endure a relapse of the same systemic failures we’ve seen for over a decade.

The standard answer is always, “if you don’t like it vote them out next election. That’s the process.” No kidding? After the fact, right. But the damage can’t be undone easily.

Many of us have been waiting, hoping, praying for something different. We always hear “next election” and that’s where we put our emphasis. So maybe now, this time, it finally is “next election.” If so, I hope it’s like Groundhog Day and keeps happening over and over.

Why do I think that is against the odds? I’m not really sure. But this year one candidate came in different from the cookie cutter politicians, and from an unlikely place. You know which one I mean, and it isn’t Bernie Sanders, with the initials DT.

But let’s back up a moment. Trump has made noises about running for years. He was an almost in 2012. Last election it stirred curiosity. Naysayers said he wouldn’t run and they were right. I was dismissive about his prospects then. I didn’t think he would make much difference anyway. He was not my favorite.

Remember Newt at South Carolina?

When Newt Gingrich ran he was not an odds on favorite either but something happened in South Carolina that made us take another, closer look. It was that question from the media which Newt turned into his moment. Against all odds he shot up and made everyone take notice. Sure, it didn’t last or turn out well. Maybe lightning in a bottle cannot be repeated at will. But it did happen for a moment in South Carolina, where the sky opened and people took a deep breath, just for a moment. They were on notice. When media blushed and the blame turned on them it caught them off guard. It didn’t last but it was a spotlight on the whole process while it lasted.

Alluding in his South Carolina victory speech to elites and media influence Newt said, “But we do have ideas, and we do have people and we proved here in South Carolina that people power with the right ideas beats big money.” Or so we’d like to think. We’d like to believe the right ideas do win, too. Incidentally, Romney’s answer to SC was to turn up the heat against Newt, who probably wasn’t prepared for the barrage. (cue attack ads)

Years ago, I used to hear the line: you dance all night someone has to pay the fiddler. They’ve been doing a lot of dancing in DC.

One of the worst things IMO has been that we were led to believe they were going to do things, namely resist Obama’s agenda, pursue accountability, hold spending, oppose amnesty, restore the separation of powers. What difference at this point has it made? And they wonder why people are angry with Washington? It’s been almost a year and we still hear talk. So then comes Trump but they take issue with Donald for pointing it out.

It’s already been said if this much effort they use to oppose Trump were focused on holding Obama to account, like they said they were going to do, then we would see fruits from their labor. But no, instead Obama is going on now another victory tour for his Iran deal disaster. He’s taking an international bow while they cast Israel to the curb. And Republicans gave him fast track authority. It’s a one lane highway, or a freeway.

Obama now says from Ethiopia that: “In 18 months, I’m turning over the keys, I want to make sure I’m turning over the keys to somebody who is serious about the serious problems that the country faces and the world faces.” Say what? Now he’s the guard for our safety or security, after making a miserable deal with Iran, saturating government in radicalism, scandal upon scandal, and watching ISIS explode across the Middle East. Who in the hell does he think he is? This must be some kind of a joke like… “Live from Africa, its Obamerika!”

So is there anything new here? Have our efforts been fruitful? Rather than oppose Obama’s radical agenda Republicans give him Fast Track. Amnesty without a whimper. Republicans poured gas on the flames instead. They’ve given but haven’t gotten a damn thing back. Oh, we have gotten these public attacks and vengeance from Obama, and threats. Now its a nuclear deal with Iran on the table. Do we really have an irrelevant Congress like Obama promised to do — at State of the Union no less. He’s rolling out the EPA jihad. He’s declared a war on energy, and war on the economy.

Yep, we had elections on issues. Now we’re going to campaign on most of the same things. How many years has Obamacare been an election issue. In Live from Obamerika debut, Barry claimed the outrage and disagreement with his Iran nuke deal was just to divert attention from Trump. Say what? He must think people cannot do more than one thing at a time? That’s what he hoped: that people would be too preoccupied with election politics to pay lip service to his Iran giveaway. The UN rubber stamp was a nice touch.

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16 comments on “Same old song and dance

  1. Bullright says:

    A trip down memory lane

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  2. Hardnox says:

    Excellent essay.

    Newt gained popularity because he slammed the media then fizzled out in popularity when he toned it down. No doubt he received advice from some consultants that have proven to be wrong.

    Enter THE Donald… he has been brash since we’ve known him. He is a refreshing breath of air insomuch that he calls out the left (both the media and the politicos) for what they are, mainly “dishonest”. That resonates with all of us on the right, those that pay no attention to politics, and those Obama supporters that have been boned.

    In the meantime the left, the rinos, and the pundits are apoplectic as to how to stop this runaway train that follows no conventional rules and cannot be bribed. He won’t shut up and he won’t stop talking about the problems that face ordinary Americans.

    GOOD! Do I support Trump as POTUS? Not really, but does anyone think he wouldn’t be better than batears or Hillary? There’s no question whether he would be miles above the commies in charge now or wanting the job. Ditto with most of the R’s.

    I’m rooting for Ted Cruz and am hoping for an alliance with Trump. If America chooses Trump over the others in the primaries then so be it. Trump is a populist. Obama was a populist who derailed the Clinton machine. Trump could derail the Rino machine as well.

    It’s still very early but the GOP debate next week will give us a better clue who the real players are and who are the pretenders. What we do know is that the media and the pundits are tone deaf as to what stirs the rest of America. We’re angry and tired of the elected hacks pissing down our backs all the while telling us it’s raining. We know full well what they are doing.

    On a side note, I am pleased to personally learn from ordinary Americans that they are paying attention to Trump whereas admittedly they never paid attention to the process before. Only 35% of eligible voters do vote. Imagine if Trump could get a few more off the couch to help take our country back.

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    • Bullright says:

      Thanks for that comment. I really agree. Ha ha – maybe there is hope for American politics, if they’re paying attention. I lost my comment, again. hmph. It also could be we have a bad case of itchy-earitis. But he is hitting the right notes for a change.

      My guess is we’re talking about issues the RNC decided we weren’t going to talk about, months ago. Its nice for a change having someone drive the message they cannot ignore. As opposed to Hillary speaking from the script for the script. Note she is looking down to the ground when answering questions on emailgate. But GOP has to hit her this time. It’s one reason I like about Carly Fiorina. she is lighting up the Basta Mama all by herself.

      Trump is drawing attention to things. It keeps the left guessing, And if he can bring in some more, great. I’d say we can work with this.So it seems to be pissing off the estabos. Didn’t we try it their way? Take all that fundraising out of the schedule and no telling what he’ll do. I’m with you in the end, but think I’ll enjoy the ride while it lasts. It’s a little like watching George Carlin repeat the 7 words you can’t say on TV, causes a reaction.

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  3. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, excellent article which says everything I feel too. Election after election nothing gets done that we, the people need from our reps. Like you, I’m plain sick of it all. It almost makes one feel like “why vote, nothing ever changes”.

    Of course I won’t do that just to try to keep Killary out but do I expect anything different? No.

    I think you said it all and what more can I possibly add except I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll end up with Jeb Bush as the nominee. The powers to be have the last word, not us any longer if it ever was.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, thanks but I know what you mean. It’s a lot toput your hands around, its a long train of abuses. I had been writing this and it felt like ranting rambling, and when I saw your post I felt the same way too. Probably a lot of people are feeling the same way.

      But I have that suspicion too. If people know it now, too early, it might turn some people off. Yea, just voting against Hillary isn’t quite enough. Seeing what is happening there with Heiress Hill, she could get ousted before Jeb, and that would be a long shot. This time we got their attention. We lost the last time and Rience is still chair, why is that. And judging what the Party has been doing lately in Congress doesn’t encourage me. As Hill says, it would require the willing suspension of disbelief.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        I see a lot of people pumped up over this coming election just because they are so damn glad to get rid of Ohomo. What comes next is anybody’s guess.

        HIll may fall down completely. I know her numbers are dropping like a bomb. I’m hearing that Biden and Kerry might jump in the race. Yuck.

        I think I could only get pumped up if Cruz gets the nod but the GOPe is gong to do all they can to make sure he’s out.

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    • Hardnox says:

      I agree Pepp. However, the media is pushing Jeb. They want to push someone that will be defeated just like they did with McCain. i think these debates will kill support for Bush. He’s a shitty speaker and lacks passion, plus he’s pro-illegal.

      The debates will elevate Trump and Cruz in my opinion. The media won’t be able to ignore it.

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  4. peppermintfarm says:

    Nox, i hope the debates kill off Jeb too. He’s constantly being pushed down our throats even by Fox. According to every pundit Jeb is the only one who can win against Hill. I say bullshit on that. He’ll lose the conservative vote for sure. Just about everyone I know doesn’t want him for prez.

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  5. Davetherave says:

    Really good pontificātus Bull. IMO you laid out the problems very well. The biggest question or “riddle me this” about your essay is the question “is it our fault?” That can turn into some deep shit thinking there Bull.

    I agree with you we allowed it and brought it on. Your statement “But now I think we are a little past that” is also true, but I really struggle to dismiss the first to seperate the later. I really can’t see (at least for now and I’m shooting from the cuff) how I can say “we allowed it”, but then not take responsibility for the overall outcome. We set the precedent, so how can I not believe the overall fallout is our fault? Was it our intention? Hell no. But it was us that opened the barn door. The commies, facist, traitors, DC folk just in it for themselves…et al…simply jumped on the oportunity.

    As far as the upcoming 2016 Squatter Election; I’ll vote Anybody But Demonrat (ABD). I have those I currently favor on the Repub side and ones I believe will get more Repukes off their dead asses to vote this time. But just like going back to as long as I have been voting, I will vote and I will pull the slot machine arm with the elephant head. It’s literally impossible for them to do worse than the jackass. We’re now screwed either way, but I just despise commies and facist. That’s all that remains on the demonrat side.

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, thanks, you’re right it can turn into some real navel gazing. Good points. I thought that might be a problem. All I mean is the total damage and condition our fault.(by what we see) and I came to the conclusion its not — which does require some semantic nuance.

      Yes the initial evil is ours. Then as we tried to correct, that damage is still being done. Yes, we did set the precedent and usher it in. I simply mean they’ve exceeded our responsibility for the whole. But of course they’d love nothing more than to blame us for everything. If its who started it, right we did and asked for it. Then when it gets to the UN deals or new world order, for example, I don’t think that was all our doing. Like Emeril says, they kicked it up a few notches all by their lonesome.

      The problem is reining it in. I guess the jury is still out. The problem is we still have to be accountable for it. (just as they’ve done with abortion) As to voting, choose your poison.

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      • Davetherave says:

        Yeah; I knew what you meant Bull and it does have validity. I wasn’t questioning that. I can be a real pain in the ass with my soul searching eh Bull? 😀

        We gave an inch and they took our country…damn! Reining it in at this point seems unachievable to me and I try to be optimistic. It’s just impossible to tell the difference between the elected officials (and their appointed idgets) of the two parties.

        The UN runs DC. The Chamber of Commerce runs DC. Commies (with the facist coming on strong) run DC. Our public schools and colleges brainwash and the MSM is in on it also. Looks pretty damn bleak to me…


        • Bullright says:

          Dave, I’m just resisting all the blame at this point. I figure we did enough wrong I won’t take the blame for what king dip of shit did too. But of course Nothing whatsoever is ever his fault!!



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