How the truth became politically incorrect to Obama

The story here is not only that truth became politically incorrect to Obama but also, more importantly, that anyone endorsing or trafficking in truth became the opposition to Obama. Imagine that, just by aligning oneself with the truth turns one into an enemy of Obama. And by extension, considering his position, it thereby turns one into an enemy of the state. We see how all this works. In effect, truth has become Obama’s chief enemy, and thereby an enemy of the state.

Of course it would be a difficult thing for media to accept. Fortunately, they don’t have to worry about such a thing. That would admit being played or hoodwinked by Obama.

The Iran deal reveals a chunk of this truism about Bary Soetoro. Go back to his campaign days where, asked about Iran, he always favored talking to Iran. His supporters loved it. Conservatives took issue with that for exactly the reasons we witnessed, of “negotiation” with the talks. Of course we were told we were wrong that talks do not equal negotiating. But they do and did. Now we also see how that negotiation turned out .

So they made it so complex, attaching side deals, which no one will see between Iran and IAEA, that it would be purposefully hard to understand. Trust us, they said, it is a good deal. (a good deal of BS) See it would require trust. However, trust does not make it a good deal. But “trust” is the fallacy that Obama has peddled all along, since his early days as Senator, to his first campaign to today. We are always to just trust him, with little or no basis for it, and then we get screwed in the end. Trust though is a central ingredient in his modus operandi and agenda. It’s the top necessary ingredient with Obama. Which is why I called his a faith-based campaign: “Hope and change” and “change you can believe in.”

The side deals, as they are referred to, are unknown to Kerry and even Obama. By law, all materials of the deal must be given to Congress. So how can they sign off on something they don’t know the details of, and cannot see? But that is what Obama is asking of Congress. It’s a good deal, trust us, “peace in our time.” Trust is the operative word.

Remember Reagan’s maxim of trust and verify?

We always verify after the fact that he lied to us. But it always shows in the end our trust was without merit. We always get a raw deal or royally screwed. He is not happy enough to screw us in the present, he wants to stick to future generations too. There are normally multiple layers of screwage. He also sets it up where future negotiations with Iran will be necessary. Then the future administration(s) will have to deal with Tehran. We really made Iran some kind of a partner.

Every step along the way on issues Obama abused our trust and destroyed the grounds for it. I can’t say he actually destroyed our trust because people cannot accept that their trust was shot through, because that would be admitting they were taken, lied to, or hoodwinked. Who wants to admit being a mark? But they continue to trust him.

It is a serial abuse relationship Obama has with even many of his voters and base. (they aren’t all communists though they endorse Marxist people, which is another subject) To admit it is more than they can take. Each step Obama requires people to just trust him.

Seeing is believing, or not.

We know it is not the transparency he promised, another lie. So behind their backs he is abusing their trust in him. A few, and I don’t know how many, are probably privy to this whole charade Obama plays but who also believe in the destination anyway, so it is acceptable. Remember the professor of Obamcare, Jonathan Gruber, and his repeated statements that they had to lie to us. Which is more profound, that they believed they had to lie to us or that lying is such a necessary tactic in their agenda?

Well, it was the same premise in the Iran deal, they had to lie to the American people. From the beginning they said we would have anytime anywhere access and that would be in any agreement. Now we see we don’t have anywhere anytime access. Then Kerry said that anywhere anytime was not promised, or part of the plan. He denied that there were any side deals and, low and behold, there are side deals. They denied that sanctions were working though they claim that sanctions, in fact — ones congress not Obama imposed — were the pressure that brought them to the negotiation table. Then they condemned any talk of new sanctions or reinstatement of the previous ones, which Obama lifted. They claimed eliminating the prospect of a nuclear Iran was the objective, while they in effect enshrined their nuclear ability. They also denied that containment was their strategy, but voila theirs is a strategy of containment.

Furthermore, let’s back up again to the campaign trail. Obama claimed his mission was to stop proliferation. In fact he wants to eliminate all nuclear weapons. We now see he has proliferated them starting a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. He said he would do these things with, he assured us, the purest of motives. Now we look at what really motivated him.

The political strategy, lie a lot — early and often.

Probably the biggest parallel theme to things though is the lies. Its a tactic and an overall strategy of his. Tell us anything in order to get his way, pass legislation, accomplish his mission or goal — preferably the opposite of what he is doing. Obamacare was built on lies and illusion. He sold the initial idea that it would only affect those who didn’t have insurance or medical coverage. Hello, it affected everyone. He said if you liked your plan you could keep your plan. Wrong, you couldn’t. He said if you liked your doctor, you could keep your doctor. Wrong. He said it would lower the cost of your insurance, saving average family 2500 per/yr. In fact, it increased the cost and for some families by 2500 a year. He said it would lower our debt while it added to it.

But probably the central, critical lie he used from the onset was that, since there was a majority of people already covered, it would not affect them. That made it very palatable. It basically was only going to help those who had no coverage. So people went along because they believed it would not affect them personally, least not negatively. And many of those are the very ones it affects the most, and in the worst way. Now they have soaring premiums and deductibles. It was a pack of lies, actually built on a foundation of lies. Sound familiar? Then came Professor Gruber who said just that. Well, then it was the lie that he was nothing and not connected with drafting the law. Actually he was an architect of the law. See?

So now we have an Iran deal following the same formula. Tell the people anything at the beginning, lie and promise them anything. Whatever means to the ends. Then deny what you said and did. But then Gruber’s admission was even worse than admitting they lied. It was, yes we lied to the stupid American people. But it even went a step deeper than that.

Daily Caller

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber said that lack of transparency was a major part of getting Obamacare passed because “the stupidity of the American voter” would have killed the law if more people knew what was in it.

Catch that? First he told us they had to lie to the stupid people. Then he suggested they had to lie to us because we are stupid. In effect, we are the cause for their lying. It’s our fault they lied.(that’s something like the ultimate lie) Like: I’ll admit I lied but the reason was because you made it so necessary. It’s all our fault and we’re stupid, so we probably can’t even understand that. Geesh. Maybe one day we’ll come up to their level and be able to understand — surely it won’t be soon. By then they will be even smarter. It’s not even that government knows best, it is that the progressives know better than all.

Then there was Senator Hillary CLinton’s statement to General Petraeus that his report “requires the willing suspension of disbelief.” Take that from the Liars Club. Ironically, that is exactly what Obama and his administration, including Hillary, requires from us — “suspension of disbelief.” We know he’s lying to us, but let’s not pay much attention to that detail. Instead, let’s accept what he says as the truth. Most places would call deceit on that level fraud. Just like the kind that ushered Obama into office. But in his campaign, at the time, he was busy pointing out Hillary’s lies. Round and round it goes, where it stops only Obama knows. But it never will stop because he cannot allow the lies to end.

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7 comments on “How the truth became politically incorrect to Obama

  1. Davetherave says:

    Really good Bull. The audacity of this administration (including former members) should surprise folks, but a statement you’ve used recently says it all..same old song and dance.Why not? It keeps working. Congress seems to have no problem going along. The SCROTUM does its part to pitch in. As do so many voters that reside in the Twilight Zone gulping down Koolaid.

    These days so many don’t even care they got lied to. All their special agenda crap is getting taken care of and that’s all they really care about. I personally know a lady that voted twice for Barry. Now she states she’s come to the conclusion Barry is a useless, lying idiot. Guess what? She plans on voting for Killery. There’s that liberal logic again.

    For me to believe any of this is going to get better for our nation would require me to have a willing suspension of disbelief. I don’t believe it’s going to get any better anytime soon, if ever.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bullright says:

      Dave, well said. So that woman learned her lesson after voting for him. And we learned how willfully ignorant the voters can be. I don’t think we hit quite the bottom of the barrel yet but its close.

      I always feel nasty when writing about him.(like needing a shower) It feels like I’m probably getting into the weeds but that is exactly where has us. Well, if he didn’t make road kill out of us. You remind me he’s like one of those Nigerian emails. People will suspend all common sense, to some shyster. (because they want to believe it) No time soon, I’m afraid.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Davetherave says:

        She’s eat up with a terminal case of the liberal logic Bull. It’s so bad it may be fatal. Well, good chance the liberal logic will be fatal to our nation. Sorry I’ve become such a pessimist, but ole Mitch has taken away all optimism I had left. He hadn’t done shit!!

        I know what you mean about feeling nasty writing about Barry. It beats up the mind also. I guess a good hot shower with bleach and a couple Xanax will get a person through to the next day. Can always pour some good KY bourbon on top of those Xanax, if needed for survival. Ahhh, the good old days. 😀

        LOL…great analogy about the Nigerian emails.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Bullright says:

          Dave, you’re feeling so upbeat and I write a nice cheerful post for you to see. Great uh? Makes me wonder what that woman uses to sleep at night.? lol

          Right, none of them are offering much optimism in Washington. (let alone the whole body) There is going to be one giant shortage of antidepressants if they don’t get some headway.

          Mitch won his election, now what…he’s on retreat? Maybe he is just trying to sell more of the KY bourbon? He’s setting no records, for sure. How about they all come out in the next election and just plead the 5th amendment. LOL 🙂 Glad I could cheer you up. No problem.

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        • Bullright says:

          Dave, wait a minute, are you taking issue with Mitch not the people who elected him? LOL Just kidding.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Davetherave says:

            Mitch has an excellent opportunity to NOT lead from behind and he’s done nothing so far as Speaker. He has an excellent opportunity to prove to voters more Repukes are needed in the Senate to get shit done and he’s done nothing.

            Mitch has a really good voting record over his career prior to becoming speaker, if one looks at it closely. He’s stayed a pretty staunch conservative on almost every issue I believe important. He needs to get off his dead ass now and start doing something or liberal logic will take the Senate back next year.

            I for sure would rather have Mitch as Speaker over Harryass Reid or Durbin. Of course I’d rather have Cruz (or a few others) over Mitch as Speaker. Oi vey…


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