Cross donors equal opportunists

According to the sources in this article, sixty wealthy players have donated to both Hillary and Jeb — ‘Clinton mega-donors also funding Bush’. I could understand some but when there are 60 of them, what’s that say?

It seems to me a lot of people believe in the end it all comes down to Hillary vs. Jeb and want to be on the winning side, no matter which. And that they know the race is only between Hillary and Jeb anyway. That’s exactly what the people don’t want.

Read at the Daily Beast — the only source on it I’ve seen.

5 comments on “Cross donors equal opportunists

  1. Davetherave says:

    A smart business person always hedges their bet. I’m not a smart business person, but I always hedged my bets when I use to go to the thoroughbreed race track. Big money and the Chamber of Commerce have so much to say about who will squat in the White House.

    It’s rather sickening and it’d be nice to see the primary process work this year to get a good, conservative nominee. I’m not holding my breathe though after the last two GOP primaries. Registered Repukes seem to be overrun with sit on the couch and spectate lazy asses these days. Remember many of those same folks stating “we can just vote Obama out of office in 2012.” There’s a good example of Koolaid logic.

    James Richman really gets my gall. A NYC millionaire whose a member of Patriotic Millionaires that believe the inequality in the US is immoral and dangerous. OMG…another one! Give away all your money you f*cking loon, if it really bothers you that much! But oh no, you’d rather give away our money…damn commies.

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, smart business people hmmm, judging from that I’d say hedging bets like you say. Oh, the Hillary one was a mistake… but it still spends the same, doesn’t it?

      Yeah, I get a little sick of their self-serving statements(excuses) Right, get a load of Richman. They could just give it away but no. They give money to where it has control over other people. Way to fight for the little guy. The player is C-of-C for C-in-C. Screw that Chamber of Commerce. Why should they have that much influence, it pisses me off. Just what estabos need, more support for their agenda. Why don’t they be honest and call them “investments”. That seems to be a popular buzzword today.

      The patriotic word in that context… Grrrr! The other possibility is that they just want to see that Bush is the nominee against Hillary.

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      • Davetherave says:

        LOL…investments. Exactly what they should call them. I’m surprised they don’t write them off as business investment expenses, but alas the law doesn’t allow that. Though; they break the law all the time, so….

        Yeah; I’m not too fond of the Chamber of Commerce to say the least. Their power is emince and nothing ever good for us common folk comes from that group. Most powerful union in our nation with the least amount of members (compared to other unions).

        Good point on pushing Jebbie so Killery can kick his ass badly in the election.

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