Debate: Shake and Bait Questions

Seems nothing new came in the debate. All recycled information we already new. (far as I’m concerned)

The gotcha didn’t get-cha squat for media head hunters.

But one issue I really take issue with. There are many but one suffices since they used it on multiple candidates. They quoted one person to ask another person to respond. Yes, I understand the objective to create back and forth. However, everyone missed the perfect opportunity to say from the start that “those are another persons words, not mine. If you want me to respond to their words, why not ask me about my own words. Ask them about their words.”

Okay another one was asking certain questions to certain candidates. I think it was “micro” session or something. (micro BS) A bit unfair to make it so personal with so many candidates, some of whom would like to respond to it.

The explosive back and forth between Christie and Paul. Well, inside baseball, really. There was bad blood between them from way back. It was largely due to Christie’s persistent penchant for attacking conservatives rather than Democrat progressives.

Of course, it is only my opinion and 2 cents.

44 comments on “Debate: Shake and Bait Questions

  1. Hardnox says:

    Last night looked looked nothing more than a staged “bash Trump” event at the behest of the GOP establishment in my opinion. Fortunately, Cruz and Carson stayed out of the fray.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    I thought the debate was unfair last night. Actually I thought I was watching MSNBC at times.

    The brutal (for me) attacks by the moderators was way too much and often had nothing to do with any substance IMHO.

    Megyn Kelly was brutal about Trump and Rosie O’Donnell who surely gave it to Trump as much as he did her. Then when she kept pushing it further I thought she needed to just shut up. Exactly what did it have anything to do with the “real live dangerous issues” we are in right now?

    Ben Carson only got about 4 questions which I didn’t like either.

    I agree Bull about asking one person what another person said. Weird.

    Christie made an ass out of himself for saying to Rand Paul that he’ll blame Rand if we have another big terrorist attack. That was despicable. I’m glad Rand told Christie to go hug Obama again. Very funny.

    I thought Jeb didn’t do himself any good last night either. Him and his illegals and the Common Core thing didn’t go down well.

    I thought Cruz, Kasich, and Huckleberry did well.

    And the Fox moderators being so mean to Donald Trump didn’t work well for them. Donald jumped in the polls to 38%. And a lot of ppl on Twitter are pissed off at the three moderators for constantly being in attack mode with him.

    Carly Fiorina was the winner in the 2nd tier debate and I believe she’ll be one of the few who will move into the top tier. The rest of the 2nd tier should pack up their bags and go home. Especially Graham Cracker!

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, wow I really agree. I was curious if other people saw it the same way. Boy, did they ever. As much prep as they did you would think it was better. And Carly clearly won it, but then she was just herself. Refreshing how she attacks Hillary.

      Jeb, I hear he thinks he has support. That common core explanation was worse than what it is, especially when everyone tore it apart in short order. I sure don’t like the way Jeb Rockefeller Bush talks down to everyone. He earned the name Jeb? What the hell does that mean. He fell flatter than a pancake. I guess you saw the same debate I did. I don’t know what Fox was watching who compliment themselves. I expected it from Wallace, not so much from Megyn. Time for a “Just say no to Jeb” campaign, LOL.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Yeah we saw the same debate. I thought for Fox it was embarrassing in a way. They looked like a dirty liberal channel. And I see them congratulating themselves. They r going to be in for shock. Tons of people say they won’t watch Megyn again.

        I thought Bush fell flat on his face. When he talked about common core there was NO applause that I recall.

        Jeb believes that all the big donors and money he’s getting will take him to the WH. But this time I think not. Conservatives are onto RINOs and want no part of the GPOe any longer.

        Jeb, Rand Paul, and Christie all need to go home and hang it up.

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        • Bullright says:

          Funny, about a week ago I flipped thru MSNBC and Eugene Robertson (liberal hit pundit) was saying Megyn can throw a mean punch. He said it repeatedly. I was surprised so I tweeted what he said to Megyn. “Wow Eugene Robinson says you can throw a mean punch. Debate.” Was that prophetic? Where did he get that — Washington Post?

          Christie can’t cover himself. They need to narrow down the number but the good news is Dems don’t know who to attack, so they just bash Bush who doesn’t respond. He’s just crazy. Keep the money rolling in. (for what)

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          • peppermintfarm says:

            Would U believe I saw a clip with Bush saying he’s the best candidate for the president. Boy does he have an overblown ego.

            I’m been watching Fox tonight like I was watching the enemy now. They are still patting themselves on the back for “such a great debate”.

            I sure hope some of these guys drop off so Carly Fiorina can get into top tier.

            I heard Mark Steyn say that the dems won’t have a debate until the week b4 the election. Bloody hell. I don’t know if that’s true or not but Killary will be dead meat by then.

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            • Bullright says:

              I must have seen the same propaganda piece, pledging support to himself as the nominee. He’s Rockefeller..

              Yep I am so disturbed by it. Fox and moderators made it all happen?!! Gee, aren’t we great. It would be nice to see Carly in the top tier, fighting Bush since she can fight. He cannot. That Carly move might screw up the media agenda.

              Wow, if she can hold that long. LMAO. I heard them talk about 4-6 debates but they didn’t even say a rough date. That wouldn’t surprise me. But when I saw DWS last night with Megyn I was hoping someone would stick an apple in her mouth. She has nerve criticizing these debates when Hillary won;t even answer press questions. Well they had an affirmative action candidate no one was allowed to criticize, now no questions for the heiress. We know Debbie doesn’t Do Debates well! LOL

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            • Bullright says:

              Pepp, I saw that Mark Steyn piece. He had me laughing. (RNC wants Trump to self-detonate.)LOL Love the way he puts it.

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            • peppermintfarm says:

              I had to laugh to at Steyn. He has a great way of putting things.

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            • Bullright says:

              Can’t we make him honorary something.? Man he hits it out of the park.


  3. peppermintfarm says:

    I would have liked to slap both her and Megyn because Megyn asked that stupid question of Trump about Rosie O. Not a thing to do with substance but it gave DWS the opening to claim all the repub candidates as misogynists (war on women). That really pissed me off.

    DWS does have a lot of nerve. KIllary is hidden behind ropes and won’t do any interviews. Apparently Killary is going to do this to the very end because the dems are so worried she’ll not be crowned queen if ppl actually had to listen to the commie.

    The Fox moderators were more interested in making themselves the story and not really doing a good job of getting to substantial issues that the candidates could have been discussing. Instead we had vacuous attacks on almost every candidate putting them on the defensive and wasting each of their time.

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  4. Davetherave says:

    Pepp and I discussed this subject and the biggest story from the debate was the moderators were a bunch of divisive jerks. I see in one of Pepp’s comments how FOX is patting themselves on their backs. I’d like to kick them in their asses. Not hard to guess who FOX is supporting for the GOP candidate. I much preferred when Brett Hume was running the debate show(s). Miss that class act.

    I really never cared for the two men moderators to begin with, but I was really upset with Megyn and probably will never watch her show again. She came off as such a beotch and femanazi. Too bad, because I use to enjoy her show and had great respect for her. Wouldn’t be the first woman I misjudged in my lifetime and I have a horrible track record to prove it! 😀

    I thought Fiorina just dominated the earlier debate and was very impressive. Carson and Cruz are who I believe won the later debate with Huckabee being very impressive. IMO Trump nor Jebbie did anything to help or hurt themselves. I knew the same stuff about both going in as I did after, so still prefer Trump way over Jebbie. Of course the three Foxes In The Hen House gave Jebbie the best pass on tough questions.

    Oh well, still early with more debates to come. I’m not clued into this, but I hope FOX has no more GOP debates to host. As Pepp alluded to; if FOX does host more GOP debates they might as well bring in Chris Matthews as a moderator.

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  5. I think if we’re to get anywhere, “We The People” should be doing our own debates and say screw the media. Media isn’t going to get us anywhere in discovering on who should be president or in any other office. Media loves playing games.

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