Fox kicks the Golden Calf, then tries to melt it down

Hours after the debate, it was clear Fox was boasting about having a record number of viewers tune in to the debate. I imagine on Thursday night there were lots of things people could have be doing. But we knew the numbers were going to be big even before it, judging by the political interest so far. Why? We knew that too.

Fox tries to pat itself on the back for the debate coverage, which is pretty self-serving. I mean the nation is a train wreck: Obama just nuked us with an Iran deal, sanctuary cities are failing the citizens in them, riots and racism abound, inner city crime is spiking, terrorism even at home is on the rise, stagnant economic growth, scandal palooza, distrust in government and leadership, with a record number of candidates … and Fox is worried about the number of viewers it gets watching the first debate? Give it a break. Who is doing reality TV here, Fox or Trump? I think its the former.

This was not supposed to be a long post. I wanted it short. I don’t get what I want. But how can you do that with these continuing circumstances in this primary?

Everyone knows that Trump has been a boon for the campaign. We cannot measure what interest would be without him? You can’t do it. In fact, Trump brought in lots of viewers because of statements they cannot stifle, against their desires, and what has been happening in the last couple months.Like him or not he exploded interest, not a bad thing considering we always hear how few people are actively engaged in the process. So it is revealing that the very guy who brought in record numbers of viewers would also be the subject of attacks, even from media who have been gunning for him as a non-serious candidate from the beginning. What you’d expect. Trump has been their Golden Calf.

But then it goes to a different level. The opening question was about pledging allegiance to the GOP Party — an evolution in progress, controlled by some powerful interests. It was talked about already and they knew the answer. This was about getting him in front of a record millions of people to decline a pledge not to run on another platform. About making that the opening question, to force him to make a stand everyone already knew. They could have even worked it in somewhere else. It was the lead.

It was reminiscent of Newt in South Carolina where the opening is the gotcha personal question. By design we had an over-engineered debate from the onset. Then hardly allow him to explain why not. Trump was on the stand testifying. Now I am not a great fan or Trump supporter, you don’t have to be. But one cannot deny what he already brought to the table and contributed, at his own expense. So the gotcha was front and center. Who knows what Fox expected to accomplish?

What’s in a pledge?

I see the reason he should not swear to it based on principle. Why take it off the table? And why do that without getting something in return? Sounds like the opening act of Obama’s negotiation with Iran. You don’t give away your chips. But the word leverage should not be used. It’s negotiation 101. Others have reneged on the pledge. Others do not want to take pledges on many things, as a rule. I thought the estabos, as I call them, were against pledges? Think Grover Norquist. Politicians and RNC certainly oppose pledges when we demand their loyalty. Secondly, at this stage with the RNC, and what they have done over the past 5 years, what good is their word? So pledge to stand behind an organization; and pledge unwavering loyalty to a Party apparatus we can’t trust. Logical?

Now Fox is trying to kick the Golden Calf that brought the attention to this process and debate, as hard as it can. At the same time they pat themselves for the interest in the process as if it were their doing. And they were quick after the debate to congratulate themselves. Twenty four hours later and they are still bragging about it. Frank Luntz wasted no time afterward, showing his focus group was pissed at the pledge decline. But if explained in Trump’s terms, can they understand why pledging unwavering loyalty is such a problem?

In fact, it is part of the reason we are here. We have a disconnected Party leadership problem. Even Ted Cruz said multiple times that we conservative Republicans keep winning elections, and then leadership of the GOP fails us. It’s true. We elected the majority in Congress, then we elected the majority in the Senate. Did you see John Boehner or Mitch McConnell have a problem with taking that leadership role? Nope. They could have refused we would pick another. Now they run the RNC like its their private liberal lite committee, even holding it and the process hostage against the will of the people. Do we get mad? Sure. Do they care when we do? Nah.

So in that backdrop, along comes Trump who criticizes all the pols for being self-serving, career pols. Accurate? Relevant? Sure is. Now the first question on the docket in the first debate was will you swear unwavering loyalty to the Party — not to oppose it? Trump declines. The real point here is how do we know we can trust the RNC? We’ve been screwed and sold down the river so many times.

It is not like Democrats, who have ultra-left wing progressives determine the agenda. Obamacare, Iran, appointments, IRS, EPA, Keyestone Pipeline, drilling, energy, spending, executive orders, sanctuary cities, illegals, amnesty. It’s not the first time we’ve heard scuttle about a 3rd Party. Its been an active part of the Tea Party conversation. Does the Tea Party want to work with the GOP? Sure. Does the RNC want to work with the Tea Party candidates? Not so much. See how this works? We don’t need a GPS to see there are problems with this paradigm of theirs. So there is a reason that topic exists.

Now to just wipe that all off the table as if it does not exist? Can you? It should be the fear in the GOP that they are going the way of the Whigs. It should be a growing concern in the RNC that they are losing touch with the base or people. These Tea Party and disgust symptoms are only reminders that it needs to pay attention and show some loyalty to conservatives who make them and can break them. Ones they need to turn out to support their candidate. But now after the people develop a consensus and get behind someone with momentum, who actually speaks up; then all of a sudden it’s, wham, “we really need a pledge here.” Yep, they need a pledge and we need a credible Party with chutzpah.

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22 comments on “Fox kicks the Golden Calf, then tries to melt it down

  1. Hardnox says:

    Excellent rant Bull.

    What I find so disturbing is that the GOP establishment, the entirety of the left, and the whole of the media has rallied together to attack Trump. Apparently, Trump is a threat to all their safety in their status quo and to their ambitions. The people behind the curtain are the real threat.

    On the bright side, Americans have rallied around Trump. Drudge has his approval numbers at 42%. How funny is that? It seems that Americans aren’t as stupid as the wizards of smart believed. A lot more people are paying attention to the process for a change and that’s a good thing.

    I’m not a Trump fan either but I really like what he brings to the table. The more of him I see the better I like him. Without him no one would be talking about the issues that have vexed us for decades. In the end, IF he gets the nomination and wins the presidency WE as a nation might be well served by his leadership. He may not be a statesman that we are accustomed to but he would certainly recruit the talent from wherever to right this ship. His hundreds of businesses worldwide are testament to his ability to recruit talent. His administration would be much the same.

    Many will opine that Trump is a lefty plant to split the R vote. I don’t believe it. Trump cares about his own legacy as much as anyone of his caliber. Being a Perot 2.0 and getting a lefty elected defacto isn’t in his DNA.

    I truly believe that Trump loves this country, our veterans, our military, and reveres everything that has made this country great.

    My hope is that we end up with a President Cruz… but I can dream can’t I?

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    • Bullright says:

      You said it Nox great points. I also find that idea of him being a plant way off. Right it is a concerted effort all right, like I never saw before. That’s wirid. And Trump being who he is and painted controversial, but all that it is being proven is how ill-served are by our leaders, media and establishment politicos. Everything they do has been backfiring on them.

      As far as his interests, he is doing it because he believes in it, which is more than I can say for RNC hacks and strategists. He’s bringing attention where it belongs. And I notice those other celebrity Kardashian stories are dropping by the wayside. I don’t buy that working with someone else, conspiracy stuff. . It’d be hard to coerce him into doing something like this, costing what it has. I just saw Piers Morgan has endorsed Trump. That one threw me a bit, but he’s taking lots of fire for it. (LOL)

      We can dream and hope. But Trump has helped. Its the shot conservatives needed. I guess there is something to positive thinking too.

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      • Hardnox says:

        Thanks. As we know too well, EVERYTHING our leaders have done have been opposite of our wishes even though we have been responsible for their being in office. I’m not sure it’s totally traitorous either… maybe just sheer stupidity because they listen to disconnected asshats like Rove and other so-called experts.

        I have two close friends that are GOP chairs in nearby counties. I’ve heard them say the weirdest shit and they base their facts on some pie-in-the-sky statistics (from “experts”) that defy common sense and opposite of what regular people believe. Case in point: legal immigrants vs illegals. I have beaten them about the ears for years over it and NOW FINALLY they are believing it since Trump has high approval among LEGAL immigrants. It only made common sense yet the GOP has/is chasing Hispanic voters and wouldn’t take a stand against invaders because they believed it would hurt the imaginary Hispanic vote. I repeatedly told my friends that the GOP needs to stand for something otherwise they stand for nothing and will lose to the left who promises free stuff. Now those magical stats are proven wrong. Gee, what a surprise!

        Piers Morgan endorsing Trump??? I missed that one. LOL. Did he get hit in the head?

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        • Bullright says:

          Yep, Nox, who are the hard heads here, eh? I know what you speak. I don’t even know if they know they are just estabo pawns. But we’ve been saying it to their faces and point to sanc-cities. Gee- now we are finally talking about them. Surprise is right. They’re a little behind the curve. Its a hoot to read Morgan’s piece. Suppose it will cause some stir. lol

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  2. Davetherave says:

    Give em’ hell Bull! Outstanding. I’ve already vented a lot about the Fox In The Hen House channel, but I’ll add a bit more.

    I agree with you totally there is zero reason for Trump to currently make that pledge. As you stated; that’s just really good negotiation tactics. The critical time for Trump to make that pledge (and the real timing that matters) is if he doesn’t get the nomination. Seems like a no-brainer process to me.

    Almost everyone vying to be the GOP nominee are saying crap they really don’t mean and really won’t do. So they’re lying to our detriment just to garnish votes. How many times do we have to be hit in the head to learn that lesson. I’m glad Trump said he wouldn’t pledge right now and exactly what difference does it make “right now”? Just my point of view.

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    • Bullright says:

      Hey Dave, where you be “venting”? Another dissatisfied Foxee? LOL

      I hear you what seems like no-brainer tactics to you, and me, seems to be over the corporate estabos heads and their fine-feathered media accomplices. Good commentary.

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  3. the unit says:

    I’ve heard the pundits and E.E.

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  4. Bullright says:

    The fallout Petition

    H/T Gateway Pundit

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  5. Bullright says:

    As Don Henley put it : “Kick em when they’re up, kick em when they’re down.”

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  6. peppermintfarm says:

    Hi Bull, I really don’t have much to add after we talked last night. It’s an excellent rant however. I now look at Fox as another enemy news channel. I’m also sick of their back patting. And when they receive nothing but praise from the other leading liberal media that smells.

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    • Bullright says:

      Yes, Pepp, my was that insightful. I can’t help seeing them in a different light too. Having NYT’s complimenting them. It’s a different world. I left a lot out here space and all, as we talked you know, it doesn’t look any better the day after. Like one of those bad storms, you know, when you view the landscape afterward.


    • Davetherave says:

      Good point Pepp about the Alinsky media giving praise. If the commie media ever give me praise, please send Merlin over here to put us all out of our misery!! 😀


  7. peppermintfarm says:

    oh forgot I did sign the petition


  8. […] Fox kicks the Golden Calf, then tries to melt it down […]


  9. Pat says:

    In this shake and bake election, the RNC sinks to new lows, no longer worthy of being called the Grand Old Party! What a way to bow out!

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  10. Bullright says:

    On the plus side, they are working on a heck of a grand finale. What a way. Too bad they couldn’t find a way to combat the Alinsky crap better than caving under the pressure.



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