Trump Fox hit parade keeps rolling

Ordinarily I might not be as critical of Megyn Kelly. But then there is nothing ordinary, really, anymore. This is not an ordinary election, these are not ordinary times, these are not ordinary people involved either. The circumstances here are not ordinary at all. It is serious stuff too.

But then as I criticized Candice Crowley for her moderator failures, I also am critical of Megyn Kelly’s. Fair is fair. She sensationalized the program and turned it more into reality TV than an episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Or maybe that was the role she thought she was playing? She begs for that comparison. The only reason the record number of people/viewers means anything is the heightened interest in the process. But not to Fox. Maybe Fox did well with sponsors, ads and eyeballs, or bottom lines. Good for them. Cha-ching cha-ching! But that doesn’t change the fundamental purpose of the event. Then they doubled down on that theme afterward by high-fiving each other.

That is just inappropriate behavior — no matter how well the event went or not. We had the coverage of Katrina non-stop. We had the Gulf War coverage, originally in 91-92 Even that was not sensationalized this way, as a historic major achievement. Need I mention 9/11? We didn’t see this much self-congratulation over those. No, instead they, Fox, became an inseparably integrated part of the story — a major one. Even the CNN Crowley incident, and their defense of her, was not this sensationalized by their own network.

Media covered natural disasters, riots, trials and OJ Simpson. Yet this was over the top, especially concerning a serious debate in above serious times. They turned it into their personal reality side show. Ironic that Trump was at the center of it. If they did want to cover all the candidates, with a modicum of equality, they failed focusing their attention on Trump and then themselves — personally and as a news organization. They put themselves front and center. They over-engineered it.

Then Fox complains about the viewers’ outcry after, as another news story. Poor Fox victims. It was not just one question or the one answer, it was laced through with the same sensational theme. And we don’t really need extra sensationalizing in this current reality. We have quite enough already. Then to turn that all into some success for Fox, I don’t understand that logic.

I think we are witnessing a media meltdown. When they can’t cover a major event like this without turning it into some side-freak show, then we are in a tailspin. Instead of discussing solutions to problems, they are busy compounding more layers of problems on top, mediopolizing. We evidently can’t even have the semblance of an objective process. We expect it from much of lamestream, Fox has just gone the way of the limousine media. Yet, its funny that their big problem is Trump. After South Carolina in 2012 you would have thought they would have been self-conscious of that. No, rather they played it up into a reality circus.(who knows where their research came from) Is viewer numbers and their TV personalities all they care about? Winners – Fox, at what cost? Losers – we the people, especially conservatives and Republicans. But P/C will rule with Democrats. They pander to Dems so they can still get interviews from them.

On a previous post Lafayette Angel came up with an idea of doing debates ourselves. That’s a heck of an idea. I could see conservatives doing that — not like CPAC or summit — it seems possible and attractive. Go around them. Then I had the thought it really wouldn’t affect media because they would critique it how they always do anyway. Just that they would not control the process. And why can’t we do focus groups, too? I think Lafayette Angel has something there. I’d like to say, “media, you’re fired!”

If Trump offended someone, then Fox broke their heart over objectivity. So they didn’t see this coming, like 10 miles away? Dumbass award goes to Fox.

RightRing | Bullright

15 comments on “Trump Fox hit parade keeps rolling

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Excellent article Bull.

    I was having similar thoughts as Lafayette Angel. The FB questions during the debate were actually the best ones.

    I would like to see a debate with people from Twitter and FB ask all the questions without a biased moderator. I can’t think of any unbiased network to agree to it. But I’ve watched CSPAN when they take questions about a person or issue without getting in their own opinion.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, thanks but I didn’t see FB’s. I shouldn’t be surprised they farmed a lot of questions there. Yeah, it would be a network problem but I’m sure there is a way. All this technology.. Right, that Cspan format works well, didn’t think of that. There have to be ways. I hadn’t thought of that before.

      I heard Rush say donors wanted candidates to take out Trump, but they didn’t and Fox tried to. Well, then the word in liberal media is that Fox knew they’d have many more viewers tuning in so they wanted to show they could “eviscerate” conservatives/Republicans by attack the way they do liberals. (according to them) Thus NYT congratulating them. And why they were so happy proving they can be relentless against Rebubs. Ratings and viewers rule.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    They showed and sometimes ppl from FB asking questions. They were good ones too.

    I read that article about Rush That debate was nothing more than a hatchet job, not only on Trump (who got hit the hardest) but on the other candidates too except IMHO not Jeb.

    All the liberal media sites gave high praise to Fox for this debate. So we now how bad that debate was just by that alone.

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    • Bullright says:

      I haven’t seen the FB questions but I bet they are as fired up (angry) as we are. I just haven’t looked. And they certainly are as active and outspoken as anyone. Probably more vocal than anyone.

      It seems they pre-planned a lot into this. I guess we should have known. Libs liked it ha ha LOL. But then when they only give them 1 minute on like common core, where’s the perspective? They didn’t want full answers. I’m sure that is hot on FB too.

      I saw where they misjudged the people’s priorities in the 2012 debates, I’m not sure they had much of a balance on this one. I didn’t hear much on the economy, the other hot issue. But they should know they can’t fool the people. But 1 minute answers and 30 second responses are tight. Like you said, the moderators did a lot of talking.

      Pepp, could you imagine Comrade blabbermouth having to give 1 minute answers? That’s three ah-uh’s, three stutters, “here’s what I’ve said”, and “let me be clear”


  3. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. I stopped watching FOX a few years back, because I believed they’d gone to mainstream. I came back to watching some, because it appeared they had moved back to the right. I’m gone again. It’s not just those three moderators, but a bigger agenda sent down from the top that shows up when it matters. Fox’s agenda during the debate came off to me as very Machiavellian and Ariana Grande-ness.

    We have no MSM (which I include FOX) on the side of constitutional conservatives. Once again its proven big bucks and the Chamber of Commerce run this country. Most I would imagine with ties to the NOW.

    FOX really showed their true colors with this debate-acle. The only way I see the people getting some semblance of control back is our voting power during the primaries and main election. They didn’t take the power, but rather we gave it away. They won’t give it away, so we have to take it back.

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  4. “I’d like to say, “media, you’re fired!” Me Too. I am so sick of the media and our government.

    I have been thinking lately we need to be doing things differently and taking risks. Like what the Oathkeepers are doing in Ferguson, what the residents did for their fellow resident (vet). We need to get inventive.

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