She walks, she talks, she fundraises

Hillary now looks to shore up support(pardon the pun) in the wake of the server seizure. So she is going on a fundraiser vacation, renting a 12 million dollar mansion in “the Hamptons” where they plan to raise lots of cash. The high style of the 1%-ers.

The cost is 100,000 for two weeks…or is that called an investment? Funny how they go on vacation and the money rolls in. That’s not how it works with most people, unfortunately. But nothing Clintons do is like normal people. Going on a fundraiser vacation just makes lots of sense(cents). Even impressive by the “lifestyles of rich and famous” standards.

But nothing with them is normal. They prefer the absurd, extreme, eccentric and extravagant even in politics. They should look around and ask themselves, “how did we become 1%-ers? The prior video was a perfect example. There are times when we occasionally get to see exactly how liberals think — flawed as it is.

There you see media liberals grieving and prognosticating on the political fallout over Hillary’s self-created servergate. Not unexpected but then listen to co-host Mika Brzezinski and let it sink in. There is a transparency and brutal honesty to it.

Mika sounds disgusted sighing in the background. She wonders to the others about how candidates can pretend things(scandals) don’t exist? That might be a good question for Hillary. So after Hillary candidates tell you those things don’t exist, you are supposed to believe them. Then she asks “do they really think the American public is that stupid?” She says “that is very insulting.”

Well, Mika does have some real points. People must accept their denials or excuses. They really do think the public is that stupid. Mika explains the way it works for Dems and leftists. With a sigh she admits that in spite of these problems if Hillary can get the nomination, “I will [still] vote for her.” See, that’s how it is supposed to work for Hillary and Obama. So the only question then is how does she get there?

Hillary Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri wrote that it’s all nonsense.

“The bottom line: This kind of nonsense comes with the territory of running for president. We know it, Hillary knows it, and we expect it to continue from now until Election Day.”

And according to NY Post, 52% of people polled say Hillary’s email ordeal “should be subject to a criminal investigation.”

So the only objective is for Hillary to get the nomination, however she can. Then, Democrats will still vote for her. That makes the nomination, by any means, the only objective. That’s how it worked so far. She asserted herself as the anointed one, early and often, as the heir apparent. For so long that they all believed her and no formidable challenger came. She locked up support.

But it was also based on stalling along the way. Stall investigations, stall opposition to the point where they finally have no other choice but her. Even if these problems surface, by then she’ll be their only choice. That’s what she wants and got. Obama built his election on the same inevitability premise.(belief) Make the thing, or person, so inevitable there’s no choice. Basically, the theory goes, people do not want to not believe.

The strategy is stall to prevail. After that it becomes only a series of events granting her the prize. Then, nothing that led up to it matters at all. In the end, people will have no choice. The beauty is Democrats fully admit they will still vote for her, no matter what truth outs. It is only a matter of means, just as Hillary believes it is only a matter of getting to the White House. Once there, the means shall matter not one bit. If it takes coming down with a nasty case of lies.(as Islamists justify jihad) After all, she expects Democrats to lie to themselves in order to support her.

Meanwhile, Hillary does the Hamptons. And any means necessary to nimination. Once achieved all the means suddenly become irrelevant. Just like the va-k in the Hamptons.

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9 comments on “She walks, she talks, she fundraises

  1. the unit says:

    Just a late Saturday afternoon story of days of yore…
    Once upon a time, before there was jockey shorts we fellas all wore boxers. Being young and careless I once caught my foreskin in my zipper. Do Hillary’s pantsuits have zippers in the back? If so maybe she has caught an old hemorrhoid of her natural self in her zipper and maybe It’ll do her in?
    Just my War on Hemorrhoids of which I know about. Could make one fall down and hit one’s head and forget answers to what questions Congressional probe asks about. And at this point what difference does it make? What do I know though, I older than Hillary?
    Well, of course it do make a difference. So let’s watch and see.
    Notice: I can’t take much more of this nonsense concerning Hillary and Liberals. 🙂

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    • Bullright says:

      LOL U, I once had a similar miserable experience but that’s too much m-bare-assing information. LMAO

      I had similar thoughts about the terrible strain on her girdle. They weren’t designed for that stress load. One day she’s going to bust wide open and won’t be purdy. The ugly truth would be laid bare. They are pushing the tolerance level deep in the red, aren’t they?

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  2. Davetherave says:

    Good article Bull. Can you even imagine how pissed the Queen-to-be was when she got shoved out of the way in 2008 by Alinsky Jr.? She’s always believed she’s the anointed one and the dipshit commies will vote for her no matter what. And they will…

    She’s on a great tax write-off tour in the Hamptons. She’s doing that famous, liberal lamenting of what a horrible system we have in this nation that is just not fair to everyone. As she sips Dom Perignon (in between vodka shooters), eating oysters and lobster, while emasculating Billythecigar. It’s good to the Queen…

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    • Bullright says:

      I bet she is still ballistic about being cheated out of what should have been hers anyway.

      Sippin’ and slippin’ away with the presidency. Dave, you gotta wonder what she’s doing on the down low to keep the Bubbster happy. But it must be priceless. And they’ll throw money at her if she was wearing an orange jump suit. Don’t forget the Koo-ban cigars for everyone. (big fat ones) Remember the Peter Paul mega fundraiser she lied about? She’s probably only accounting for about every third dollar too. Overhead you know. Queen of the machine.

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      • Davetherave says:

        They’d elect her, if she was in prison and then she’d pardon herself. Peter Paul…the man with all that coffee Yuan Valdez couldn’t find and Fidel never saw. I’m sure he taught Hitlary all she needs to know about scamming folks. Her offshore accounts weigh so damn much it could probably sink most islands.

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        • Bullright says:

          Right, if she died they’d elect her posthumously — for 2 terms of course. I’m not sure if it wasn’t the other way around, she taught him. But then he’s destroyed for truth telling. They have no place for truth. Oh she could be Fidel’s BFF — blood sister. I don’t think people realize how commie she is. She keeps up a front. (or tries) And they had a problem with Romney being rich. Useful idiots.

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    • Bullright says:

      Scratching my head, wondering who is actually paying for that paradise on the coast?


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