Common Core word games coming soon

We probably cannot expect much change in Common Core policies, but it seems we can expect them to play word games about Common Core. This new poll survey was released describing different nuances in results depending on the wording of the questions. The wording was regarding varied substitutions that replaced Common Core like “standards”.

And guess what they found? Yes, they could fool some people into supporting it. A small amount, but hey. So what do you think they are going to do? You guessed it. I guess it was not a very tough question, or answer. And it’s not a tough decision for big-government elitists.

Republicans hate the words ‘Common Core’ more than they hate education standards

By Jason Russell • 8/18/15 | Washington Examiner

How much do Republicans hate Common Core? It depends how you ask them.

The results of the 2015 Education Next Poll were released Tuesday, with three groups of respondents answering questions about Common Core.

One group of respondents was asked simply whether they support or oppose Common Core. Half of the Republicans in the group opposed Common Core, with 30 percent in favor. Before asking if respondents support or oppose Common Core, the question explained, “In the last few years states have been deciding whether or not to use the Common Core, which are standards for reading and math that are the same across the states.”

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Actually the emphasis seemed to be not in winning people over to it, which is practically impossible, but in toning down the fierce opposition to it. So they know we don’t like it but can they make us not like it less, based on careful wording they use? They’ll be going for the gold on that, I’m sure. You can bank on that change until Common Core is hardly recognizable, in speech at least, dumbing down the name They didn’t poll it for nothing.

What I’d like to know is just who are these 30% of people who always seem to support or sympathize with this stuff, no matter how bad it is? If it were a disease we would have mapped the dna of it by now — and probably had some treatment for it. We are already used to our politicians playing word games with us. I guess anything Federal Government related just naturally follows suit. As the article said, they cannot reverse the opposition to it based on removal of the word. But if your thing is bureaucracy, get what support you can and let progressives do the rest. Sounds like their plan.

8 comments on “Common Core word games coming soon

  1. Davetherave says:

    Common Core is 1000 times worse than NCLB. There is zero transparency with CC, no public input into CC, it’s a lie CC will actually hold teachers accountable (really?? One of the biggest Alinsky unions is going to get punished??) and it’s another Alinsky program to move good teachers to schools where a large percentage of students just don’t give a shit (more of that “equal crap” that just doesn’t work).

    It does make it easy to get folks to approve of a program with how the questions are worded. It’s really easy when so many folks don’t know all the facts about the program. I’m pretty sure if more people researched and understood CC, the approval rating (at least on the Repuke side) would go way down.

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, you got that right as if NCLB was bad enough, and most libs thought so too. But now they are pushing this when even most teachers I talked to don’t like or want it. They are managing to piss everyone off with this one.

      The radicals will just love it because they will pull their funding crap in and hold it over everyone. By now we know the objective is not to work….but more to make work. (or make it pay) True, people don’t understand it and will have it all implemented before realizing its no good. By then its too late, its just the way it is. When I hear Jeb defend it, or try to, you can see the smoke an mirrors. That they keep calling it a local program, BS. Yep how can they make that crap sound and look more attractive? They’ll find a way.


  2. the unit says:

    Word meanings change nowadays. Even so says SCOTUS. We moved from the farm just about the time I turned 6. Part of our farm crop was pears. You ate a pears good stuff down, you left with a nothing but a core. Also raised corn, after shucking one is just left with a common cobb. Thank heavens for Sears and Roebuck Catalogs in those times. Maybe if C of C lobbying can bring in enough illegals, the catalog will make a come back. 🙂

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    • Davetherave says:

      Unit, you’re crazier than me! LMAO! “Sears and Roebuck Catalogs”….ROTFLMAO!! Another funny thing about that catalog back then is they were free! I shit myself when they started charging for the pleasure of using their catalog to buy stuff from them. Now that reminds me of the stuff one got rid of with corn cob. 🙂

      There does appear to be a future comeback for wadding up catalog pages with all the south-of-the-border folk wondering in to their promise land. Hell, they’ll think having catalog pages is living like royalty… 😀

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    • Bullright says:

      Nothing but the core…LMAO. Best part about the Sears an Roebuck catalog is it was always recyclable. 1001 uses and more. More than I can say for this Common Core.


  3. the unit says:

    Core constituency. I was thinking of driving over to Mobile for the Trump Rally. When I get on I-10 south of my town, sign says Mobile 58 miles. Not bad at all, been through there and stopped there many times since ’48. Have some relatives, long lost, there.
    Anyway, didn’t. Old truck is without child, with 276,000 miles on her carriage, gasoline too, not diesel. And rain in the afternoon with lighting has been terrible for 5 or six days. However I watched during this and rain stayed east, west, and north. Amazing to me.
    Been reading reports this morning. First Wash Po said maybe close to 20 thousand came, Time reports Trump failed to rally support to half empty stadium, later reports said 30 thousand.
    Then came the comments…rally made up of rednecks, crackers, gringos, and racists. Huh? Who dat say who dat doing the name calling (who dat say who dat…old Saint fan saying with bag over head)?
    Hope mentioning core keeps comment on thread. 🙂

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    • Bullright says:

      Ah, really, comments always welcome. So that’s all that came to that rally….as opposed to those dummies who go to liberal or Hillary rallies. (now that is a common core of the worst kind)


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