Crazy summer haze, and 2016 dreaming

Sometimes you just couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. Hillary cut short her Hamptons va-k by running out to campaign amid groans even from her left wing cheerleaders about her email scandal. Morning Joe must be on anti-depressants.

Maybe she’ll have to re-reintroduce herself, again?

Rupert Murdoch, harping over Trump’s candidacy, floats an invitation for billionaire Michael Bloomberg to jump into the race.

Bloomberg — greatest mayor. What did I miss? So Rupert immediately backs off a little to mention Guiliani. Still it caused a blowback. Is that an admission on the debate?

Not good enough, he adds he didn’t say he’d vote for him. I bet a smart, wealthy guy like Rupert Murdoch always recommends a candidate he would not vote for. Besides, a Bloomberg could detract support from Jeb not Trump. Rupert had too much sun.

While Hillary cut her fundraising vacation short to head West hoping to strike political gold, opposed to fool’s gold, for her campaign. Because come Friday she will be addressing the DNC in Minneapolis. Meantime, all hands on deck trying to explain away her servergate scandal. Referring to her not-so-private email scandal, NYT reports:

“We do think people have questions about this,” said Jennifer Palmieri, a spokeswoman for the campaign. “It’s a very confusing topic, and I think as you’ve seen over the last couple of weeks, we have changed our strategy in that we are trying to do more education.”

Yes, the people need educated. Lecture voters on linguistic spin. Works for Obama.

Her plan now seems to be buy enough young people with her college funding schemes. Then make sure to remind women of their reproductive voting power at all points between. With those two, and pandering to a few others, she hopes to keep her 2016 boat afloat. But the bilge pumps are working double duty these days.

It’s about time for another reinforcement from Bubba about her bonafides. The anointing doesn’t seem to be going as smoothly as expected. And Bernie was just a distraction to make voters think there is a choice involved. His circus road tour only leads back to Hillary. She’s just as far left as he is anyway. But don’t educate the people on that.

Maybe Hillary should have stayed in that cocoon in the Hamptons where even they do not believe her but still believe in her. (along with her Wall Street pals)

6 comments on “Crazy summer haze, and 2016 dreaming

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    I did read an article where Fox did set the debate up to make Trump explode. Kelly was supposed to be the catalyst and they hoped he’d explode in her face and call her something rude and nasty to kick him off the stage or ruin him for good. So yes the debate was rigged.

    Now I hear that Biden is going to run and today the White House endorsed him thru Josh Ernest. The DNC is trying to dump the hag Hillary now. It’s gotten too hot and things are only getting worse for her.

    I also hear Warren will be running on the ticket to help bolster their leftist agenda votes.

    Meanwhile Murdoch can go to hell. So far he hasn’t been able to knock Trump off. Bloomberg. Ha! What a laugh. As if conservatives are going to vote for the most hated gun grabbing mayor ever. Forget him, he’s going nowhere.

    Right now to me it looks like Trump is our best bet. He’s holding high and with that attraction of 30,000 people in ALA. the other night, he’s flying high. People are loving him and see him as the vehicle back to regaining our country.

    It’s OK by me. The others don’t look like they’ve got a dog’s chance in hell of getting anywhere and Bush is going to fall flat on his face. No matter whatever the RNC and their globalist donors put up as attack ads it will only make people get madder and stick to Trump. The people are not fooled any longer by the RNC and GOPe.

    That’s my most humble opinion.

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    • Bullright says:

      Ah ha Pepp, what we thought. And Kelly was supposed to be the victim, I’m sure. So everyone could rally and say she was treated unfairly. This is the first person I heard asking Bloomberg to step in.

      I’m with you seeing Trump only growing. He’s a vehicle and a mouthpiece. Hey if it is that much effort to beat a twice around self-centered professional politician who could be indicted before the primary is over, then what’s wrong with that picture? I think they’d elect her from Levinworth, and we’re having a hard time overcoming that even with prick Obama in office?

      One day they might thank Trump for coming along at the right time. I like your opinion, hard to know who’s credibility is worse now, the GOP or Hillary’s. Hard to believe it’s that close.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Bull, here’s an article I read just this morning on Trump:

        Yeah Megyn,the victim. Ha, pretty hard to swallow when we know she can hold her own with just about everyone. Well she lost and Trump didn’t go down.

        Last night on both O’R and her show, it seemed they were trying to discredit Trump again and pushing Jeb Bush. But you can tell Hannity is in his corner.

        Murdoch is a nut case if he wants Bloomberg. Was there any thought put into that ridiculous scenario? Does Murdoch want the conservatives lose big time?

        I figure we could do much worse than a Trump president. The rest of the Repub field is pretty dull even if they have some good ideas. And if I were Trump I’d choose some of those people to put in his cabinet if he were to become prez.

        If Biden gets in the race some poll shows him sweeping the main swing states to win. 71% in OH??????? You’ve got to be kidding me. I figure it’s another shady poll because why would people vote for another Obama term?

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        • Bullright says:

          Wow, Pepp, that 71% got me, Maybe because they don’t know he’s VP yet. LOL Biden facing Trump would be like no holds barred, entertainment. Gaffer being Trumped. I didn’t think politics could sound so good. But I’ll restrain myself.

          I noticed they’re pushing Jeb, but he must be way too conservative for Ruppy. Now we know there was a contract on Trump. Roger is now running interference for Megyn — damsel in distress.

          Ratings go through the roof when he’s on so Fox better watch their step. CNN and MSNBC would love to take those numbers. Biden would be the most uninteresting man in the world next to that. They’d have to pay people to show up at the convention….which is always a possibility.


          • peppermintfarm says:

            I think the Biden poll is a sham to make people think he’s so popular since it was taken before he even gets in the race.

            Yeah Fox better watch it. Now Ailes is demanding an apology from Trump concerning Megyn Kelly. I figure it’s a ruse. If Trump doesn’t deliver an apology then Ailes will have an excuse to kick him off the next Fox debate. Boy will that ever cause an uproar if they do that.


  2. Hardnox says:

    The entirety of the establishment, left and GOPe is shitting bricks over Middle America’s embrace of Trump. They can’t understand why we all think they suck. They are up for a very rude awakening.

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