See no evil, say no evil, spew no evil vs. Trump phenomenon

By now, unless you’re living under a rock somewhere, you have become keenly aware of the Trump phenomenon. It’s even been referred to as such from the right to the left. The George Wills and Charles Krauthammers have been as flummoxed over all its notions as have been the Occupy, Move On, and Ferguson fanatic Leftists. This has been interesting indeed, with widely different nuances or excuses across the spectrum substituting for reasoning, applied liberally in most cases.

Someone at the Daily Kos put it this way:

I don’t get all the stuff and nonsense about the “Trump Phenomenon”. … He’s been roaming the halls of the Republican mausoleum for more than 25 years, like the doomed servant in some Gothic novel castle. – [read here]

Straight for the dark medieval theme. That’s why I include this example, there are plenty others. (Obama mentioned Crusades) I’m a little more careful with loaded metaphors. Perhaps rather than focusing on gun control, progressives should enforce strict metaphor control on themselves. But it’s heresy to self-regulate their own language.

Who could make sense of or draw political wisdom from the left — or their invective? It’s not so much “nonsense,” or as the Donald would say, “I’m leading in all these polls.” There is more to it than the specious reasoning and slick gimmickry suggested by the left. Probably much of what is wrong in politics is the naivete of people — including some on the right — to be sucked into the wind tunnel of the left that believes it is bestowed with the divine right to frame the political narrative for everyone in earshot, and for mouthpiece-drones who occupy the podiums of the virulent Left. Where what passes for mainstream is the equivalent of mainlining the same communal dose of opiate from a single dirty needle soaked in sulfuric acid. But such is the current political landscape, littered with the corpses of notable challengers that succumbed under the wind tunnel stress test, after their halfhearted attempts to buck the progressive system — or agenda — failed.

Now I don’t expect to be able to completely explain the Trump phenomenon either but offer a little of what it portends for our political future, which may actually be the more important thing. First, look at that ‘one-world wonder,’ Barack Obama. When he rose to prominence it was all about as choreographed as a cattle chute at a stockyard. You basically knew what was going to happen. Not really many surprises there, as impressive as they claim it was. He came, he conquered. Oh and he divided, boy did he divide.

Ah ha, then the way he did it using internet, social media geeks and campaign gurus working in unison to paint the picture they schemed up. That was the major notable achievement. Sure, a lot of people bought into the whole theatrics of it, which were actually mundane but they made it sound and look exciting to people. The marketing was more clever than the substance ever was. Well, that’s because any substance in reality was nothing like the packaging made it appear. Hope and change was just a vessel into which he would pour the endless amounts of trademark Koolaid later.

I can leave it to plenty of others to draw parallels in politics. However, where there is commonality in both Obama and Trump is that it was something new. Both considered a phenomenon, thus the phenomena effect. Well, what was new with Obama was the campaign: the techiness of his staff to seem to be everywhere to put the glitter on the fortuitous pyramid scam he was running, at the same time using his campaign as a resume to qualify for the political office he was running for. Bernie Madoff had a “new” thing working, too. But under the sheets it was just a scam. And under the hood of Obama it was the same old, tired ideas of the left, just new packaging. In fact, the similarities were so close between Obama and Hillary you had a hard time remembering who was who. Much the same ideas, and the roots were almost eerily identical to a T. That became a problem in debates. Hillarycare meet Obamacare 1.0. Choose wisely, grasshopper.

Here is where there is a difference with Trump. It’s not filled with smoke and mirrors as in Obama or Hillary. It’s the uncanny non-political correctness that’s embedded in almost everything. Refreshing as many have said. With the Left, the political correctness is a central ingredient. (or the Cultural Marxism as it is also called) It hurts my brain to force any comparison to Obama’s campaign or euphoric rise — probably being patented by his gurus. Obviously so taken by their own success they have since taken it on the road to Canada and Israel. Its the formula, stupid.

That much is different when it comes to the Trump phenomena: it is not a packaged identity politics recipe for winning. (winning is always the single objective with the left) Plans are a distant second or third, contingent on the first priority, of course. But I didn’t set out to draw a comparison of Obama to Trump. Though it is helpful to see the difference when understanding the whole. Obama’s vague campaign soundbites still echo for nostalgia sake more than their legitimacy. It’s a dangerous thing when you can capture hearts and beliefs of people in empty rhetoric. By the time they realize what happened, they will be caught up in newly orchestrated political pursuits. (or pantsuits as the case me be)

So the Trump wonder is a different animal, and different than the strategist-run backroom operation of most other campaigns. One of Bush W’s operatives has criticized the trump campaign and said a presidential campaign is akin to building one of the largest corporations in the world. Scary when you think of the size and scope of that idea, and money involved. But the Trump model, if we can start calling it that, is different in those respects. It so far has emphasized the actions not campaign organization and rhetoric.

Now we are to what the point of it is, or will be in the future. No, it doesn’t matter if he wins or loses, the point is the model, or the replicable nature of it all. Surely, as it is in business, others are watching now with curiosity wondering how it can be repeated in the future? They see the popularity and the potential, compared to other hum drum campaigns, and want to duplicate those results. Even the Left is studying it, don’t be fooled. Trump has not left a clear path for any followers. But he has, indirectly or not, established some touchstones. For those who have the guts, fortitude, and adventure to try to emulate it, they could have some success. Of course no one has that recognition that Trump has, but still some of the same formula is available to tap.

I saw some reactions to Trump’s Iowa speech from the left on MSNBC. They had a lot of analysis to do. (none of their simpleton attacks on him have worked yet, which keeps them trying) They decided to frame the whole thing as more of a conspiracy. Rachael Maddow tied him hand in hand to the establishment RNC. She then declared RNC/Fox had designed and built the Donald into the Frankenstein he became, and now he is uncontrollable. Nice try at the ‘built by RNC’ explanation. He is following none of the RNC prototypes. What is it with the Left and their obsession with monster-style analogies?(dark Gothic castles and such) But when they see videos of Planned Parenthood’s culture of death develop a meme of ‘it’s honorable research to benefit humanity.’ And you are anti-medicine, anti-humanity, anti-science and research to argue otherwise. Sacrifice humanity on the altar of science.

Meanwhile, what Trump does is about as far removed from RNC politics as usual as you could get. Funny how they don’t ridicule Bernie Sanders as a creature of the black lagoon, or Godzilla, for being anti-establishment on the left. No dark references. No, in fact they all love that model. See the Left is fine with anything as long as they control it, and it leads back to their central ideological trough. They have that in spades with Sanders. No medieval or foggy Gothic comparisons for Bernie, even though he could have lived through them. No headlines: “The Sand Man cometh, threatens civilization with his speeches.”

There is much more to say on the Trump example in (conservative) politics. I’m not sure the Right studies and applies the lessons? They do on the loony left. Anything that works is analyzed and they try to replicate it. Conservatives need to learn and incorporate lessons learned. The examples in Trump keep unfolding before our eyes. It’s not too early or too late to start taking them in. The attacks wouldn’t be that dark if it wasn’t working.

12 comments on “See no evil, say no evil, spew no evil vs. Trump phenomenon

  1. the unit says:

    After these last two presidential election cycles, I’m so glad I get it so simply…

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  2. Davetherave says:

    I certainly agree Trump is creating a brand new model and I’m loving it so far. Others have to be paying attention, taking notes, analyzing…doing all they can to figure out why it works. Yeah; I still think the others just don’t get why this is working so well, but they’ve been out of touch with us for so long…blah, blah, blah.

    IMO when the right side (and I use that term loosely now) figures out why this new model gets so many excited, their goal will not be to copy it. It will be to find the most effective way to combat it. This new model appears to go against everything not only the Alinsky Party stands for, but just as much as what the Repuke Elites fight so hard to keep in place.

    Trumps model will remove too much power from the hands of those already in charge and those self-serving, traitor bastards are not going to allow that happen.

    Another paranoid delusion brought to you by Mr. Cynical… 😀

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  3. peppermintfarm says:

    Ha well Jeb already tried to emulate Trump and it didn’t do him any good. He took the words right out of Trump’s mouth, “anchor baby” and same response to press, “do you have a better word” and boom, he fell flat on his face. It was so obvious and so laughable. He simply looked so phony.

    It’s difficult to explain the Trump phenom but it seems to me the big draw is he’s not a politician and he’s not a DC insider both appealing to those of us who have been dismayed by the treachery of the GOPe and their lies.

    He flaunts his wealth also appealing to all who would love to be that successful.

    He’s non PC which people love. He is one of us, the silent majority.

    And his campaign slogan is just what so many people who have been horrified about Obama’s Amerika want to hear, “let’s make America great again”.

    I love all of it.

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    • Bullright says:

      Hey Pepp, I think you summed up the points.

      Right, and he doesn’t have a tin ear. He actually seems to hear everything. He doesn’t have to be briefed by a staffer or gasp the 6 O’Clock news to know.

      He’s not trying to tell us something that isn’t so.. Very non-pol.


    • Bullright says:

      Oh yea Pepp, I like that silent majority term. Contrast his awareness with Bush. Jeb’s is nonexistent.


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