Iran’s money bomb…it worked

Remember Ron Paul’s campaign doing what it called those ‘money bombs,’ fundraisers usually involving the internet? Here’s some real irony in Senators raising money or benefiting from Iran’s money bomb of lobbyist funding. “Incoming.” …

The captain of money bombs had nothing on Iran.

Traitor Senators Took Money from Iran Lobby, Back Iran Nukes

The Democrats are becoming a party of atom bomb spies.
August 25, 2015 — Daniel Greenfield | Front Page Magazine

Senator Markey has announced his support for the Iran deal that will let the terrorist regime inspect its own Parchin nuclear weapons research site, conduct uranium enrichment, build advanced centrifuges, buy ballistic missiles, fund terrorism and have a near zero breakout time to a nuclear bomb.

There was no surprise there.

Markey had topped the list of candidates supported by the Iran Lobby. And the Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) had maxed out its contributions to his campaign.

After more fake suspense, Al Franken, another IAPAC backed politician who also benefited from Iran Lobby money, came out for the nuke sellout.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen, the Iran Lobby’s third Dem senator, didn’t bother playing coy like her colleagues. She came out for the deal a while back even though she only got half the IAPAC cash that Franken and Markey received.

As did Senator Gillibrand, who had benefited from IAPAC money back when she first ran for senator and whose position on the deal should have come as no surprise.


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Follow the money. As it said, in a few cases the money didn’t get the desired result. But for the cases it did, was there ever any doubt? I mean Al Franken. Gee, who would ever figure him for a holdout against the deal? The same can be said for most of the others. Now I wonder what the queen of non-answers, DW Schultz, will do?

9 comments on “Iran’s money bomb…it worked

  1. the unit says:

    Lets see. I been around since disco, well before really. Even rode a mechanical bull once (actually at 4 my older brother put me on a calf when we still lived on a farm, same result). Seen a few girly shows with pole dancers live. I’ve seen where rednecks and lobbists stuff money in g-strings. DWS ain’t likely getting that aclaim, action, and funding. 🙂
    Happy September and football season lol

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  2. Davetherave says:

    I guess we’re getting a peek at some of the ‘Nuke-Up Iran Deal’ undisclosed details. And we didn’t even have to wait for congress to pull those teeth. I said it before and I’ll say it again; those damn Alinskys would eat their own children for money.

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  3. […] Iran’s money bomb…it worked […]

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